Hi-lume® 3D

Hi-lume 3D offers less than 1% dimming, efficiency comparable to non-dim ballasts (up to 100 lumens per watt), and the ability to use both 3-wire and digital controls. Combine with EcoSystem controls for energy savings between 40% and 70%.
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Lutron stopped selling ballasts at the end of 2023.
Lutron fluorescent ballasts have been discontinued and are no longer available, with very limited exceptions for only a short period. If you currently have fluorescent lamps, now is the time to upgrade. The Lutron Ballast Retrofit Kit by C-Flex is a simple way to upgrade at your own pace and budget. Kits provide compatible Lutron replacement drivers and LED lamps and enable you to keep your fixture, wiring and control system.


  • Hi-lume 3D ballasts deliver high dimming ratios and efficiency in a slim-profile enclosure, making it a great choice for low-profile architectural fixtures
  • Because Hi-lume 3D is microprocessor-controlled, it can operate on the EcoSytem digital control bus and has the ability to listen, think, decide, and remember. This provides a new level of flexibility in configuring lighting while saving energy.
  • Continuous, flicker-free dimming from 100% to less than 1% for T8, 1% for T5 and T5-HO, and 5% for T5 Twin-tube
  • T8 models available with 1.00 and 1.17 ballast factors
  • T5 models available with 1.00 ballast factors
  • UL and CSA certified
  • Programmed rapid start design preheats lamp cathodes before applying full arc voltage to enhance lamp life
  • Lamps turn on to any dimmed level without flashing to full brightness
  • Low harmonic distortion throughout the entire dimming range maintains power quality
  • Frequency of operation ensures that ballast does not interfere with infrared devices operating between 38 and 42 kHz
  • Inrush current limiting circuitry eliminates circuit breaker tripping, switch arcing, relay failure, and component life degradation
  • Ballasts maintain consistent light output for different lamp lengths, ensuring fixture uniformity
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Protected from miswires of any input power to control lead, or from lamp leads to each other and/or ground
  • Factory-tuned ballasts with a custom ballast factor lower than standard models are available for select ballasts

Lutron requires sockets complying with IEC 60400. Use Rapid Start sockets. Do NOT use Instant Start sockets. For more information, please see Application Note 122: Lampholders and Lampholder Installation for Fluorescent Dimming.
Lutron OEM Fixture Partners Lutron Electronics has direct relationships with more than 300 lighting fixture manufacturers. Lutron works closely with these partners to provide customers with the full range of Lutron light control systems in an array of design options.
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