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  • Wimbledon “Centre Court”

    United Kingdom
    Since the Wimbledon tennis tournament began more than 130 years ago, the game had been subject to the volatility of English weather and fading light levels. This changed in 2009, when Wimbledon Centre Court received a retractable roof and lighting retrofit. As a result of the Lut ron Quantum upgrade, all lighting in Centre Court can now be controlled remotely from within the Championship space. ...more Download PDF: English
  • University of Minnesota

    Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
    The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has a sprawling campus, with thousands of light fixtures in parking ramps and garages. To be a valuable asset and support the campus master plan, the University chose Limelight to enhance comfort throughout the entire space while reducing e nergy use, and simplifying maintenance. ...more Download PDF: English
  • Sekura Offices

    The new office space for the financial services firm Sekura occupies two commercial floors on top of a new shopping center in Mexico City. The glass façade bathed the interior in daylight and the design team demanded a lighting system that could balance the presence of natural li ght and artificial light in the space ...more Download PDF: English
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