Hyperion Solar-adaptive Shading

Hyperion Solar Shading

Quantum’s Hyperion solar-adaptive shading software automatically adjusts Lutron Sivoia QS shades throughout the day in response to the changing position of the sun, saving energy, and reducing glare and heat gain. To allow direct sunlight to penetrate deeper into the workspace, customized shade schedules are developed by combining information about building location and façade orientation.

Performance Shading Advisor:

Lutron’s new web-based Performance Shading Advisor transforms the complicated task of choosing fabrics into a simple selection process. This innovative, commercially-focused tool gives architects and designers the ability to optimize the design of their shading system based on building performance and aesthetic preference. Reduce glare, maximize daylight, preserve view, and enhance your design at www.performanceshadingadvisor.com.

Performance shading brochure

Designing for Daylight Autonomy

Before the introduction of electricity, buildings relied on daylight to illuminate interior spaces as a matter of necessity. Today’s updated building codes, new energy regulations, and a renewed emphasis on sustainability, are encouraging us to once again embrace daylight as a practical, aesthetic, and symbolic element of good building design … this is known as designing for Daylight Autonomy.

Daylight Autonomy: designing a space such to maximize the amount of useful daylight, thereby minimizing or eliminating the need for supplemental electric light. In mathematical terms, Daylight Autonomy is the percentage of annual work hours during which all or part of a building’s lighting needs can be met through daylighting alone.

The greatest challenge to using daylight as a primary light source is that it is naturally dynamic. Designing for Daylight Autonomy involves understanding how the entire building is affected by the dynamic nature of daylight, and creating a lighting control strategy to automatically adjust to these changes. Combining Lutron Sivoia QS automated shades, Hyperion solar adaptive technology, and Radio Window sensors provides the ideal solution for increasing energy savings while reducing glare and increasing comfort.

Daylight Autonomy Daylight Autonomy brochure

Shade Grouping Featuring Smart Adaptive Technology

Lutron’s Hyperion and Radio Window sensors work together seamlessly to adjust Sivoia QS shades throughout the day based on both the sun’s position as well as exterior conditions, which together enable the system to maximize occupant comfort as well as natural daylight, available views, and energy savings.

Utilizing multiple sensors along a façade can help further optimize the performance in response to changing exterior weather conditions on that facade. Lutron’s new Smart Adaptive technology combines information from all sensors on the façade to dynamically and intelligently group the shades, which maximizes performance and minimizes unexpected shade movements.

Watch the video below to learn more, as well as to learn about the Always Aligned and Independent grouping options. Always Aligned grouping optimizes for continual shade alignment, and Independent grouping optimizes for daylight autonomy.

Shade Grouping Options

Radio Window Sensor

The Radio Window sensor is a new addition to the Quantum Total Light Management system. Working in conjunction with Hyperion solar-adaptive technology, this sensor maximizes natural daylight, available views, and occupant comfort when shadows are cast on buildings as well as when dark cloudy or bright sunny weather conditions prevail.

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