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    2 Degrees Building

    Milan, Italy
    Degrees Building, a glass-curtain office building in the upscale Porta Nuova section of Milan, wanted a green solution for its blinds. Installing Sivoia QS blinds helped 2 Degrees Building obtain LEED Platinum certification – helping make the building more attractive to tenants. Download PDF: English
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    Sópers House

    North London, England, United Kingdom
    Sópers House offers members the space and amenities to pursue their professional and personal interests in one place. High-quality, contemporary offices. Sophisticated co-working environments. A gym, yoga studio, and boxing ring. Barista café. Fine dining restaurant and terrace. All under one roof. Getting the lighting right was critical in realising this nuanced morning-to-night vision. ...more Download PDF: English
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    New York City, New York, United States
    The Athena control system and over 9,000 Athena wireless nodes give BlackRock the granular control needed for their collaborative, innovative headquarters.
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    Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States
    Flexible Vive lighting control with a powerful connection to the outdoors.
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    New York City, New York, United States
    Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (SOM) developed an occupant-centric design strategy for their new Manhattan office, prioritizing daylight, mobility, and sustainability.
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    Sekura Offices

    The new office space for the financial services firm Sekura occupies two commercial floors on top of a new shopping center in Mexico City. The glass façade bathed the interior in daylight and the design team demanded a lighting system that could balance the presence of natural li ght and artificial light in the space ...more Download PDF: English
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    Benbow Group, Newton Abbot

    England, United Kingdom
    The Benbow Group, a prestigious joinery and metalworker firm, wanted a cost-effective lighting solution that offered benefits such as daylight harvesting and personal control. Vive provided the details they were looking for. Download PDF: English | Spanish
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    Van Meter Inc.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
    Van Meter Inc. uses integrated daylighting, occupancy sensors, and Pico wireless remotes for personal control, along with Lutron automated shading solutions, to deliver a comfortable, productive environment for their most valuable asset: their employee-owners. Download PDF: English
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    Suncrest Bank

    Visalia, California, United States
    Suncrest Bank specializes in small business banking, and its branches emphasize its welcoming, community-oriented atmosphere with friendly aesthetics. When it came to lighting control, Vive Wireless and Designer+ software fit both the needs and the environment of the bank. Download PDF: English
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    ASID Headquarters

    Washington D.C., Virginia, United States
    The WELL Building Standard provides a model for space design and construction that uses performance-based systems to positively impact the well-being of the people in the built environment. Lutron lighting and shade control solutions played key roles in helping the American Socie ty of Interior Design's (ASID) new headquarters in Washington, DC become the world's first building to achieve Platinum Level Certification for both the WELL v1 Building Standard (WELL) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), under the LEED ID+C rating system. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Zurich North America Headquarters

    United States
    The new Zurich North America Headquarters in Schaumburg, IL is an architectural masterpiece, designed to maximize the comfort and productivity of its employees in a creative, collaborative work environment, and set a standard for future Zurich offices. An integrated Lutron lighti ng and shading control solution automatically monitors and adjusts daylight and electric light to help create the right environment throughout the corporate campus. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Ben Franklin Technology Partners

    Lehigh Valley, United States
    Recognized as part of the nation's most successful technology-based economic development programs, BFTP is committed to sustainability and energy-efficiency in its facilities. Its newest building was designed to achieve LEED Gold Certification NC2.2, relying in large part on a Lu tron Quantum Total Light Management system to automatically adjust lights and shades, saving energy and reducing electricity costs. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Allsteel showroom

    San Francisco, United States
    The Allsteel showroom in San Francisco needed a light control system flexible enough to adapt to a constantly evolving show space. Because the facility was shooting for LEED Silver certification, the light controls had to deliver substantial energy savings. The company selected a combination of Lutron EcoSystem, RadioTouch, LCP128 and Sivoia QED shades to form a complete solution for managing the electric light and daylight in the space. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Shanghai Tower

    Shanghai, China
    Marvel at how Lutron designed a scalable, fully automated light control system according to the architectural demands of one of the world’s tallest buildings – the Taipei Financial Center. Download PDF: English
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    Portland, United States
    A sustainable building retrofit and an open-office layout for a more collaborative, teamwork oriented experience - those were the main goals of Glumac Engineering's recent building retrofit.Lutron retrofit solutions delivered a cost effective, efficient light control system that reduces lighting power density by 47% compared to state of allowances and helped to achieve LEED Platinum certification for commercial interiors. ...more Download PDF: English
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    The Washington, D.C., Commercial Experience Center

    United States
    When you visit any Lutron Experience Center, you'll see how light controls save energy and contribute to sustainable building design. Now, when you come to our Washington, DC facility, you'll see how Lutron solutions helped the center achieve LEED Gold under the LEED for Commerci al Interiors rating system (version 2009) in October 2011, achieving 63 points with 19 points attributable to the light controls in the space. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Empire State Building

    United States
    The renovation of the Empire State Building was designed to set a new standard for sustainable, commercial renovation. Every window in the facility was refurbished, radiative barriers were added to the exterior walls, and a more efficient lighting design was adopted to reduce lig hting power density from 1W/Ft2 to .7W/Ft2. ESB's overarching goal is to reduce energy use by more than the 38% when compared to a building that meets ASHRAE 90.1 code. ...more Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/CS_SAP_thumb.jpg

    SAP America, Inc.

    Newtown Square, United States
    International software giant SAP recently completed an expansion of its North American campus, constructing an all-glass, four-story, 218,000-sq. ft. structure designed to the LEED Platinum standard. Combining Quantum with Lutron shades and Hyperion can reduce lighting energy usa ge by more than 60%, and air conditioning usage by more than 10% in a commercial space. SAP has seen a dramatic reduction in energy use and as a result, huge cost savings. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Access Living

    Chicago, United States
    Inclusive. Energy-efficient. Budget-friendly. The new headquarters for Access Living, a non-profit group serving the disabled in Chicago, stands as a model of how the design can work to respect people using a space. A Quantum lighting and shade control system delivers 65% lightin g energy savings, and helped tha facility achieve LEED Gold certification. ...more Download PDF: English
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    AIA Headquarters

    San Francisco, United States
    The San Francisco headquarters of the American Institute of Architects (AIA) has been located in the city's 100-year old Hallidie Building. Energy-efficient lighting and shading solutions using Lutron EcoSystem lighting control and Sivoia QED shading system, brought the venerabl e building to the leading edge, once again. The system saves energy, and improve occupant comfortby reducing glare and ensuring the proper balance of daylight and electric light. ...more Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/CS_WBMoore_thumb.jpg

    WB Moore Company

    Charlotte, United States
    In its two-story, 15,375 square foot headquarters, WB Moore used A Lutron Quantum Total Light System to help earn a LEED Platinum rating for new construction. Automatic light control provides peace of mind to employees, and helps to eliminate wasted energy caused by lights being left on all night. 90% of the fixtures in the building have ballasts programmed to automatically respond to daylight sensors. ...more Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/CS_AWeber-Comm_thumb.jpg

    AWeber Communications

    Chalfont, United States
    AWeber owners identified two main goals for their new lighting control system - reduce glare and minimize heat gain to facilitate a better work environment. Digitally-addressable fluorescent dimming ballasts, daylight sensors and automated shades were installed throughout the fa cility, maximizing lighting performance and ensuring appropriate light levels throughout the space. 70% of the energy savings in this LEED Gold building can be attributed to the lighting control system. ...more Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/CS_NYTimes_thumb.jpg

    The New York Times Buildings

    New York, United States
    The New York Times Company used a lutron Quantum Total Light Management system to create a dynamic and energizing work environment, while delivering energy savings of nearly 70% compared to full light. In addition to these savings, there is a derivative effect on the HVAC system energy performance. The dramatically reduced output levels of the lighting system means that less heat, which means reduced demain on the air conditioning, and further energy savings. ...more Download PDF: English
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