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Cultural and Event Centers

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    MMACJS Museum

    Cuernavaca, Mexico
    Most people are unaware of the magic of light. Increasing this awareness was at the heart of IN-VISIBLE, the temporary exhibit of light installations at the MMAC Juan Soriano Museum. Created in partnership with the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) Mexico, in celebration of the International Day of Light (May 16th), this exhibition showcased light in its colors, intensities, shadows, and metaphorical impact on the Earth’s surface with Ketra. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Wimbledon “Centre Court”

    United Kingdom
    Since the Wimbledon tennis tournament began more than 130 years ago, the game had been subject to the volatility of English weather and fading light levels. This changed in 2009, when Wimbledon Centre Court received a retractable roof and lighting retrofit. As a result of the Lut ron Quantum upgrade, all lighting in Centre Court can now be controlled remotely from within the Championship space. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Cuyahoga County Public Library

    Brecksville, United States
    When the Cuyahoga Library was ravaged by a flood, it was renovated using Lutron EcoSystem lighting contol.. They system allowed the library to meet its unique lighting need and increase overall illumination, while, at the same time, decreasing energy use and operating costs - esp ecially critical at a time when rising costs were forcing many libraries to close. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Orange County Convention Center

    Orlando, United States
    The OCCC needed Lutorn to provide an easy-to-use light control solution that integrated with state-of-the-art design and was fexible enough to adapt to the daily changes at one of America's largest convention centers. The sheer scale of the project necessitated fresh thinking. Th e Lutron solution allows the center to execute confguration changes with speed and simplicity anywhere in the North/South Building, or even remotely, from any telephone. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Bently Reserve

    San Francisco, United States
    When the Bently Reserve & Conference Center in San Francisco, CA underwent major renovations, every step of the process aligned with the Bently's objectives to be environmentally friendly while preserving the building's heritage. "Lutron light control systems worked to achieve th e perfect ambiance, and to support essential integration using a BACnet interface so that all the systems speak essentially the same language and work with each other." ...more Download PDF: English
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    Montgomery College Theater Arts Building

    Rockville, United States
    The Challenge for Montgomery College was to redesign lighting in the multi-purpose auditorium to give users total control that would quickly adapt to a wide range of events and activities. The system needed to allow all fxtures to be effectively managed from one central location. The Lutron LCP128 light management system was the answer, making the building's stage, arena and tiered platforms a virtual blank canvasthat could be painted with light. ...more Download PDF: English
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