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    Inteli, Institute of Technology and Leadership

    Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Lighting control System Designed for high-end education. The Institute of Technology and Leadership (Inteli) is the first project-based tech college in Brazil with the mission to offer the most cutting-edge technology education in the country. Architects and lighting designers ar ound the globe use Athena to create various lighting scenes that can be adjusted with a single button press. ...more
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    Moravian University

    Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, United States
    Advanced LED lamps and new Lutron driver technology offered Moravian University the perfect opportunity to update the lighting in their gymnasiums without having to replace all the fixtures. The university was able to keep all their existing controls and save up to 55% lighting e nergy at full light output. ...more Download PDF: English
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    University of Minnesota

    Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
    The University of Minnesota Twin Cities has a sprawling campus, with thousands of light fixtures in parking ramps and garages. To be a valuable asset and support the campus master plan, the University chose Limelight to enhance comfort throughout the entire space while reducing e nergy use, and simplifying maintenance. ...more Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/HIPAU_UT_LockerRoom_GameDayCorridorGraphics2_Grey.png

    University of Texas

    Austin, Texas, United States
    When the University of Texas at Austin planned a major renovation of its football locker room, Head Coach Tom Herman knew dynamic lighting control could help create the right environment for success. A Lutron Quantum lighting control solution helps support recruiting efforts, e nhance player comfort, and deliver game-day intensity to set the right tone at the right time. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Princeton Neuroscience Institute

    New Jersey, United States
    The Princeton Neuroscience Institute sets a high bar for animal resource facilities. Princeton uses a Lutron Quantum solution for its unique ability to support Sequence of Operations protocols, conform to changing lighting requirements, and reduce researchers anxiety at the end o f the day. ...more Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/Education-Franklin-and-Marshall_thumb.jpg

    Franklin & Marshall College

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
    Franklin & Marshall's mix of historic and modern buildings needed a lighting control solution that was easy to update and maintain, saved energy, and offered timeclock functionality and load shedding. That’s why Vive became part of the master spec for campus improvements. Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/Madison_College_thumb.jpg

    Madison College

    Madison, Wisconsin, United States
    For many colleges and universities, the Lutron Vive wireless lighting control solution offers energy savings and simplified installation for retrofits. That was the main reason Vive was installed at Madison College. Enhancing the learning environment? It supports that, too Download PDF: English
  • /en-US/PublishingImages/CaseStudies/Edinburg_CISchoolDistrict_thumb.jpg

    Edinburg Elementary Schools

    Edinburg, Texas, United States
    In 2016, the school district in Edinburg, Texas, had just weeks to select and install a new lighting and control system to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for every student. The solution? Lutron Vive, which reduced installation time, complexity, and cost. Download PDF: English
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