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    Sópers House

    North London, England, United Kingdom
    Sópers House offers members the space and amenities to pursue their professional and personal interests in one place. High-quality, contemporary offices. Sophisticated co-working environments. A gym, yoga studio, and boxing ring. Barista café. Fine dining restaurant and terrace. All under one roof. Getting the lighting right was critical in realising this nuanced morning-to-night vision. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, United States
    Flexible Vive lighting control with a powerful connection to the outdoors.
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    V Los Angeles

    Los Angeles, California, United States
    Ben Calleja, owner of the innovative V Los Angeles restaurant – recipient of the Eater L.A. Award for Design of the Year – uses a Lutron Vive wireless system to create a lighting experience that can be easily replicated, while ensuring that each project remains unique, memorable and on brand. ...more Download PDF: English
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    Sekura Offices

    The new office space for the financial services firm Sekura occupies two commercial floors on top of a new shopping center in Mexico City. The glass façade bathed the interior in daylight and the design team demanded a lighting system that could balance the presence of natural li ght and artificial light in the space ...more Download PDF: English
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    North Central Bronx Hospital

    Bronx, New York, United States
    When the North Central Bronx Hospital in NY needed to quickly reorganize several floors to take care of an influx of new patients, Lutron’s Vive Wireless was the ideal solution – easy to design, install, and program, it was in place and commissioned within six days. Download PDF: English
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    Domino’s® Pizza

    Bedfordshire, England, United Kingdom
    When the owners of a high-performing Domino’s in southeast Britain needed a commercial lighting control that saved energy, provided automation, and offered remote access and monitoring, Vive Wireless was the answer – and it was installed without affecting store operations. Download PDF: English
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    Benbow Group, Newton Abbot

    England, United Kingdom
    The Benbow Group, a prestigious joinery and metalworker firm, wanted a cost-effective lighting solution that offered benefits such as daylight harvesting and personal control. Vive provided the details they were looking for. Download PDF: English | Spanish
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    Van Meter Inc.

    Cedar Rapids, Iowa, United States
    Van Meter Inc. uses integrated daylighting, occupancy sensors, and Pico wireless remotes for personal control, along with Lutron automated shading solutions, to deliver a comfortable, productive environment for their most valuable asset: their employee-owners. Download PDF: English
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    VA Hospital – Seattle

    Seattle, Washington, United States
    For the Seattle VA hospital, the goal was to design and set up a system that saved energy while supporting an occupant-friendly lighting environment – and didn’t cause disruption during installation. Vive checked all the boxes. Download PDF: English
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    Suncrest Bank

    Visalia, California, United States
    Suncrest Bank specializes in small business banking, and its branches emphasize its welcoming, community-oriented atmosphere with friendly aesthetics. When it came to lighting control, Vive Wireless and Designer+ software fit both the needs and the environment of the bank. Download PDF: English
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    Moberly Motors

    Moberly, Missouri, United States
    Moberly Motors decided to replace its original building with a facility designed to better highlight the showroom and improve the sales and service areas. Vive delivered reliable control that was easy to install, easy to program, and offered plenty of flexibility. Download PDF: English
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    Franklin & Marshall College

    Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
    Franklin & Marshall's mix of historic and modern buildings needed a lighting control solution that was easy to update and maintain, saved energy, and offered timeclock functionality and load shedding. That’s why Vive became part of the master spec for campus improvements. Download PDF: English
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    Madison College

    Madison, Wisconsin, United States
    For many colleges and universities, the Lutron Vive wireless lighting control solution offers energy savings and simplified installation for retrofits. That was the main reason Vive was installed at Madison College. Enhancing the learning environment? It supports that, too Download PDF: English
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    Edinburg Elementary Schools

    Edinburg, Texas, United States
    In 2016, the school district in Edinburg, Texas, had just weeks to select and install a new lighting and control system to ensure a safe and productive learning environment for every student. The solution? Lutron Vive, which reduced installation time, complexity, and cost. Download PDF: English
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