LED Driver Field Replacement

UL Recognized LED drivers

Honoring its commitment to simplify LED lighting, Lutron has pioneered a program with UL to allow you to replace any UL Recognized Lutron LED driver in the field without voiding the UL Listing of that driver’s fixture. You no longer have to send the fixture back to the manufacturer if the driver fails. With this program you eliminate the cost and inconvenience of replacing the fixture just to replace the driver.

Lutron driver models beginning with L3D, LTE, or LDE manufactured on or after July 13th 2015 will carry the proper marking to allow them to replace an identical model number driver in the field without the need for a UL inspection.

The card below contains important safety information. Installation guides for every Lutron LED driver family covered by the program are also listed below.

UL Listed Class P LED drivers

UL Listed LED drivers are inherently suitable for direct field replacement with a replacement of the same model number.

Printable Links:

UL Field Replacement Label – English (.pdf)UL Field Replacement Label – French (.pdf)
For instructions on installing these drivers:

Hi -Performance LED drivers (.pdf)
For additional information on Lutron LED drivers:

Hi-lume 1%Hi-lume 1% (with Soft-on, Fade-to-Black)