Commercial Applications

Colleges & Universities

Along with the traditional challenges of lighting a classroom, colleges and universities add another layer of complexity: size. Fortunately, the award-winning Lutron solutions for higher education can easily accommodate this scope without sacrificing convenience, control, or efficiency.

A Significant Impact

The difference Lutron has made on several college campuses has already garnered attention for our commitment to innovation and conservation. The most celebrated example may be Georgian College in Ontario, Canada.

With a hopelessly outdated utility system across the campus, administrators at Georgian realized they needed a complete infrastructure overhaul. When it was revealed that lighting accounted for the majority of the school’s energy usage, they began working with Lutron to find a solution.

Using the Lutron EcoSystem, Georgian was able to control lighting capabilities across 7 buildings, reducing their energy usage by 70% at a savings of more than $130,000 annually. The system was so successful that it garnered an award for energy conservation from Ontario Power and a nomination for the Bell Canada Business “Green Award”.
ecosystem lifecycle chart

21st Century Classrooms

The impact Lutron has on higher education also extends far beyond cutting costs. Light management systems are also revolutionizing the classroom experience. The University of Toronto’s innovative “electronic classroom,” presented the challenge of integrating new technologies with traditional teaching methods.

The goal was to create a learning environment where an instructor would be able to transition seamlessly from a prepared lecture to a video presentation. With the Lutron GRAFIK Eye 4000 dimming controls, lighting strategies were devised for each of these activities that could be activated with the touch of a button.
GRAFIK Eye wallstation

Lutron light control systems for colleges and universities offer the best of both worlds – access to cutting-edge academic tools and significant energy savings.