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Case study: Boca Raton Resort

The new convention and conference center at the Boca Raton Resort features a GRAFIK 6000 preset light control system that is flexible enough to handle the various functions in a new 150,000 sq. ft. convention and meeting facility with multiple rooms, sophisticated enough to interface with specialty lighting systems, and still simple to operate.

The new owners of the Boca Raton Resort wanted to attract large trade shows and meetings. Although the resort had changed dramatically from the original 1920s cloister building to a premier hotel and resort by the 1990s, the owners decided to build a new facility that doubled the size of the convention and meeting space.

Lighting designer Dee Schweppe, principal of Schweppe Lighting Design, Inc., specified the Lutron GRAFIK 6000 preset light control system because of its flexibility and functionality. The new convention center included two ballrooms, 10 meeting rooms, lobby and reception areas, corridors around the meeting rooms, and behind-the-scenes house lights. The Grand Ballroom divides into 14 segments, the Royal Palm Ballroom divides into two segments, and the 10 meeting rooms each divide into two segments. The light control system had to be flexible enough to handle single large events and smaller breakout meetings at the same time. The project included over 250 zones of lighting. The GRAFIK 6000 system had to tie into the security and the emergency lighting systems as well as the existing house wiring.

Schweppe also specified the DMX512 interface to integrate with the stage lighting boards, an absolutely essential part of the lighting design, allowing the staff to handle the theatrical and special effects lighting required for large meetings and trade shows. And to meet energy code regulations, Schweppe used over 1,000 Hi-lume ballasts in the compact fluorescent lamps.

Boca Raton Resorts Foyer

According to Schweppe, he chose Lutron because the GRAFIK 6000 light control system was really the only way to handle such a complex installation cleanly.

“We had to make sure the system could accommodate multiple set ups in any room configuration. Some areas are set up three or more times a day. And the size of the space could change just as often with the partitionable ballrooms,” said Schweppe.
Boca Raton Resorts Dining Room

The GRAFIK 6000 allowed the room scenes to be programmed in advance, then assigned as needed. Using more than 15 dimming panels and 35 wall control stations made it easy to access the system from any location. Lutron custom designed two hand-held slider controls with plug-in modules for simple on-site control. Pre-wired lighting panels and fast delivery ensured a quick turnaround to meet deadlines.

Project engineer Ted Rodriguez, of Boston-based Cosentini Associates said, “Lutron offers a single source system with the right features and functionality, making a complex job much simpler. I especially appreciate the service I get from Lutron. Lutron always took care of any issues; they never walk away from a problem.”
Boca Raton Resorts Multi-purpose Space

Whether lighting a meeting space for 10 people, staging a major presentation for 1,000 attendees, or lighting a trade show floor, the GRAFIK 6000 system gives the Boca Raton Resort a competitive edge in attracting the large convention and meeting market.
GRAFIK 6000 Manage the lighting of multiple spaces from a single control. Fully scalable, GRAFIK 6000 can handle the most complex projects.
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Products used in this project GRAFIK 6000 Hi-lume Ballasts

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