Commercial Applications


Whether your establishment’s environment is friendly or intimate, a tailored light control system can directly impact the bottom line in the fiercely competitive restaurant world.

Precision on all fronts allows a restaurant to skillfully execute the combination of food, service, décor, and atmosphere that delivers an unforgettable dining experience.

Dining & Ambiance

World-class Restaurant Daniel in New York has redefined fine dining by paying attention to every detail, including the use of Lutron systems. The
GRAFIK Eye 4000 series of preset lighting controls plays an integral part in creating the unforgettable ambiance in the dining room. The system allows the staff to control the lighting level of all 16 zones simultaneously from one location.

GRAFIK Eye wallstation

Preset lighting scenes allow for diminished energy costs in the dining room. At the same time, Lutron understands that back-of-house spaces require a completely different lighting plan. Kitchens, storage rooms, offices, and egress points need light control that meets regulations, ensures safety, and provides security.

Lutron’s flexible, energy efficient solutions for restaurants of all types help determine the ambiance while allowing staff to focus on serving customers.

GRAFIK Eye QS GRAFIK Eye QS is a fully customizable preset light, shade, and energy control system that allows you to wirelessly adjust your lights and shades for any task or activity in your home, and save energy with the touch of a button.
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