Commercial Applications

Case study: Restaurant Daniel

Restaurant Daniel has redefined fine dining by paying attention to every detail. The Lutron GRAFIK Eye 4000 Series of preset light controls plays an integral part in creating the unforgettable ambiance in the dining room by allowing staff to control the lighting level of all sixteen zones simultaneously from one location.

Restaurant Daniel has been exceeding customer expectations since opening its doors in January 1999 at their new location, the exquisitely renovated former Mayfair Hotel at 65th and Park in New York City. Chef/Owner Daniel Boulud wouldn't have it any other way. "My dream," says Boulud, "is to give my guests a dining experience that awakens all the senses. At Daniel, I want them to leave the outside world behind and indulge in fine cuisine, the beauty of the setting, and the personalized service they have come to expect from us."
Before opening the doors to Restaurant Daniel, Boulud worked with interior designer Patrick Naggar and architect Frank Williams to restore the former Mayfair Hotel. Together they created an Italian Renaissance feel that captured the art and architecture from Boulud's native city of Lyon, France and capitalized on the Italian Renaissance decorative detail already present in the Mayfair.
Restaurant Daniel Dining Area

The lobby, bar, lounge, private dining room, and main dining room have been carefully restored with soaring 18-foot ceilings and intimate niches. Rooms are washed with rich burgundy, soft yellow, and deep blue.

Restaurant Daniel Exterior Lighting
Throughout the restaurant there are fine works of ancient art that Boulud selected in collaboration with Torkum Deirjian of the Ariandne Gallery. The artwork includes two sixth century Byzantine mosaics depicting the ancient symbols of peace, the dove, and the stork.

A second century Roman mosaic graces the west wall of the dining room, and guests are surprised to find a set of first century Pompeiian frescoes in the vestibule leading to the restrooms. Every detail at Restaurant Daniel was important to Boulud, who commissioned china from Limoges, France, and custom designed linens from Italy.

Boulud chose lighting designer Jerry Kugler of Kugler & Tillotson to include light controls in his restoration. Kugler selected Lutron to carry out this project. "At Daniel, lighting is one of the most important details when it comes to setting the ambiance in the dining room. We need a lot of flexibility to set different moods, and adjust the lighting based on the time of day, the weather, different floor plans, and our florist's creativity. Lutron gave us the flexibility to make changes all day long without losing track of the settings we like best." Kugler chose Lutron for a number of reasons including ease of use, convenience, and quality of light control. Kugler commented that "Lutron has extraordinary support for an extremely reliable product, and a Lutron representative was always available throughout the building process and after to help both the contractor and the end user."

With sixteen zones of lighting in the main dining room alone, the restaurant was a perfect candidate for the Lutron GRAFIK Eye Series of preset light controls. Dramatic bronze chandeliers with floating alabaster cups are spaced throughout the restaurant along with wall sconces, track lights, down lights, and hanging sconces. The GRAFIK Eye 4000 Series allowed Daniel's staff to control the lighting level of all sixteen zones simultaneously from one location.

Restaurant Daniel Lobby

With the GRAFIK Eye controls, several lighting scenes were created that could be recalled at the touch of a single button. Scene one brings all lights to full power for cleaning and resetting the restaurant. Scene two is designed for lunch and daytime use. The side galleries are lit, and all artwork and floral designs are highlighted, creating a feeling of natural ambient light. Scene three creates a mood of elegance and sophistication for evening dining. The light levels are lowered and the artwork and floral designs are dramatically presented. Scene four portrays an intimate ambiance. The light levels are very low, the gallery fades into the background. Diners feel as if they are at the only table in the space.

In addition to the main dining room, the GRAFIK Eye 4000 System was used in the entrance lobby and the bar, and other local controls were used in the corridors, the lounges, the niches, and the kitchen. Boulud has redefined fine dining by paying attention to every detail. The excellent cuisine, personalized service, and elegant atmosphere continue to make Daniel a destination restaurant.