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Look for Lutron experts as they participate in speaking engagements at industry tradeshows and conferences around the globe.

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Past Speaking Engagements

Smart Lighting Conference   ( May 30th, Hamburg, Germany )
Topic: Design for people: why it is critical for human centric lighting to be both holistic and personalizedPresenter: Brent Protzman, Manager of Energy Information and Analytics

Why is human centric lighting a new industry buzzword? The concept has been around since humans started constructing buildings and the value this provides has not changed. What has changed is the ability to (1) automatically adapt to the dynamic needs of users and (2) to go beyond best practices that work for the “average” person.

Lightfair International 2017   ( May 10th, Philadelphia, PA )
Topic: Children's Hospital of Philadelphia and Swedish Ballard Behavioral Health Unit: Design and Implementation of Circadian Lighting StrategiesPresenter: Brent Protzman, Manager of Energy Information and Analytics

Architecture and design goals for behavioral healthcare facilities typically have the same universal thread: create a space that is safe, calm and inviting for patients and their families. But the way those goals are achieved can vary greatly based on project location. Circadian lighting design is a geographically contingent design strategy that can have a considerable impact on the well-being and health of behavioral health patients. Here, we’ll present how the Swedish Ballard Behavioral Health Unit in Seattle and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia use circadian lighting with other biophilic design strategies to improve patient care.

Lightfair International 2017   ( May 9th, Philadelphia, PA )
Topic: 3 codes, 2 perspectives, 1 hour: Commercial lighting controls in ASHRAE 90.1-2016, IECC 2015, and Title 24, Part 6 2016Presenter: Michael Jouaneh, Manager of Sustainability and Energy Standards

As the commercial building industry moves toward Zero Net Energy goals, it is increasingly recognized that lighting controls play a significant role in energy use reduction. The current versions of three well-known (and possibly notorious) energy codes, ASHRAE 90.1-2016, IECC 2015, and Title 24, Part 6 2016, all contain significant lighting controls measures using similar strategies. As widespread adoption of energy codes takes place, the use of lighting controls becomes the norm rather than the exception. This session will offer background on the three standards and offer tools and resources to comply with, or exceed, the requirements.

LEDucation   ( March 29th, New York, NY )
Topic: Tunable White Lighting Control With LEDsPresenter: Tom Shearer/Craig Casey, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

As LEDs continue to increase performance and reduce cost, the control of Color Temperature (CCT) and Spectrum brings compelling features and challenges to the market. A discussion of fundamental features with a focus on Tunable White control is presented.

NALMCO 2017 Spring Seminar   ( March 28th, Cincinnati, Ohio )
Topic: New Technologies in Controlling LEDs and Deep Energy Retrofit Presenter: Mike Matour, National Energy Manager

With new LED technologies sweeping across the energy retrofit landscape, advanced controls are required to maximize energy savings and provide occupant comfort. Deep Energy Retrofit requires the synergy between major Energy Conservation Measures including Lighting, HVAC and Fenestration to exceed Net Zero goals. This session will review the new lighting control options; good, better and best that will meet any ROI requirements. We will discuss the benefits of each solution, review case studies of each type of solution, review the integration of Lighting into Building Management Systems and the energy benefits of having a fully integrated solution.

Strategies in Light 2017  ( March 1st, Anaheim, California )
Topic: Wireless Technologies for Indoor Lighting Control and Lighting-based IoT: What is Needed and What is PossiblePresenter: Ethan Biery, LED Design and Development Leader

This session will be information rich, and will include demonstrations of multiple technology approaches. Users will learn about IoT applications, and the inherent capabilities and limitations of different wireless technologies, including Bluetooth, Zigbee, Wifi, Thread, 802.11ah, cellular, and low-frequency proprietary solutions.

Strategies in Light 2017  ( March 1st, Anaheim, California )
Topic: The Past and Future of Measuring FlickerPresenter: Ethan Biery, LED Design and Development Leader

There are several existing measurement metrics and recommended practices that attempt to quantify the very difficult-to-describe phenomenon commonly referred to as flicker. This presentation will review the existing state of the industry, including the benefits and drawbacks of common methods. Better, but less well known, methods for measuring flicker will be presented. The presentation will conclude with an update on forthcoming work from a NEMA technical group describing a formal method of measurement for flicker.

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