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CES 2020  ( January 8th, Venetian )
Topic: Smart Homes Influence Real Estate

According to industry statistics, installing smart home technology can increase the final closing price of a home by 3% to 5%. Which technologies do home buyers seek, and how are builders and realtors responding to this trend?

John McManus (Moderator), VP/Editorial Director, Hanley Wood
Melissa Andresko, Chief Corporate Brand Ambassador, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.
Jacob Atalla, Vice President of Innovation & Sustainability KB Home
Bill Darcy, CEO, National Kitchen and Bath Association

BIA of Orange County and Lutron Event  ( November 13th, Irvine, CA )
Topic: Illuminating the Title 24 2019 Mandatory Residential Lighting Requirements

The presenters, from various sectors of the building industry, will highlight the requirements for solar photovoltaic cells in new homes, the new Home Energy Rating System (HERS) testing, and the changes in residential lighting controls. Builders, architects, energy consultants, and building department staff should find this event of interest and directly applicable to their work. There will be a Q&A session afterwards.

Michael Jouaneh, Lutron

CE Pro Total Tech Summit 2019   ( November 6th, Fort Worth )
Topic: Becoming a Healthy Home Integrator

Not every homeowner wants their home to be smart or connected or filled with high-end AV, but all except the most self-destructive want a healthy home--a home that delivers indoor air quality; water quality; proper temperatures and humidity; human centric natural lighting that supports and contributes to pleasant and comfortable living; means of healthy food storage and preparation; means of inhibiting germs, molds and other biological toxins; music and other media that support emotional and intellectual well-being; independent living; fitness; sleep; mindfulness; biophilic design and sounds, sights, smells and digital simulations of nature. This session will tackle the trends and opportunities and showcase some of the new products you can add to your mix or otherwise represent so you can build a business model around health and wellness. 

Speakers: TBD

KEEP PA Energy Efficiency Conference  ( September 26th, Harrisburg )
Topic: How Lighting Controls Help Meet Building Energy Code Requirements

According to the U.S. D.O.E., other than process loads (e.g. motors, fans, machines…) lighting is the largest energy user in commercial buildings. Lighting consumes more energy than space heating, cooling, ventilation, refrigeration, electronics, water heating, cooking, and computers. Lighting controls can drastically reduce that appetite. They can eliminate 60% or more of the wasted lighting energy in buildings while enhancing occupant comfort and productivity. Building energy codes understand the importance of lighting control toward reducing energy consumption. This session will review the mandatory lighting control requirements in the latest commercial building energy codes such as ASHRAE 90.1-2016 and IECC 2018.

Michael Jouaneh, Lutron
James Weber, Lutron

CEDIA Expo 2019   ( September 12th, Colorado Convention Center )
Topic: Emerging Lighting Trends: Why Intelligent Fixtures Will be Your Next Business Expansion Opportunity

Home technology professionals are uniquely positioned to understand the technical aspects of making intelligent lighting and control systems work seamlessly. Panelists will explore business expansion opportunities presented by high-performance fixtures and the resources needed to get started. 

Ed Blair, Co-President, Lutron
David Daniels, Founder, XSSENTIALS, LLC
Gerry Lynch, President, System 7 Solutions
Shannon Bush, Vice President, SERVICE TECH, INC.
Moderator: Melissa Andresko, Chief Corporate Brand Ambassador, Lutron

CEDIA Expo 2019   ( September 12th, Colorado Convention Center )
Topic: Smart Home for Good: Technology Benefits at Every Stage of Life

Explore the latest smart home products and trends for every life stage -- from the first days of life to elder care. A variety of industry experts will discuss widespread opportunities that are sure to have an impact on your business. 

Alex Capecelatro, CEO,
April Kettelle, President, Automated Shading & Lighting Control
Jan Vitrofsky, Founder & CEO, HEDSouth
Peter Romaniello, Principle, Conceptual Lighting, LLC
Moderator: Rhett Thomas, Senior Sales Director, Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.

NAED Adventure Conference 2019   ( July 31st, Loews Vanderbilt Hotel, Nashville )
Topic: Roundtable Collaborative Workshop

Problem-solving discussions that foster the collaboration of Marketing, Technology, and Purchasing to create a positive B2I experience.
Marketing: Legal & Compliance for Promotions, Making the data you have work for you, Account Based Marketing, Market intelligence
Technology: What’s in your future? Distribution and AI, impact of new technologies in the workplace, big data insights
Purchasing: Driving profitability, negotiation, market intelligence 

Moderator: Melissa Andresko, Chief Corporate Brand Ambassador, Lutron

Lightfair 2019   ( May 23rd, Philadelphia Convention Center )
Topic: It’s Occupied – What's Next? Patient Room Survey and Control Data

Human centric lighting must begin with daylight – allowing for improved well-being, aesthetics, energy usage, and marketability. Given that daylight is variable and intense, it presents opportunities that only a lighting designer is trained to leverage. This session will explain how the same foundations of electric lighting design can be translated to daylighting. The presenters will illustrate how design professionals can expand their scope of work by including daylighting. Lighting designers with a broad daylight portfolio are unique and valuable. Multiple case studies will show examples of how holistic design principles are used in daylighting, as well as what skills and tools are needed to sell these services to owners and architects. 

Brent Protzman, Lutron Electronics – Main Speaker
Michelle McGuire, Lutron Electronics

Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, University of Oregon

The Premier Connected Home Conference   ( May 23rd, San Francisco) )
Topic: Smart Home - Standalone Devices versus Whole Home Systems

Today, householders most often acquire smart home devices incrementally rather than all at once. While security providers and multisystem operators (MSOs) offer a bundle of components, consumers typically tread carefully when adopting products, even through these channels. This session addresses the buyer journey and the impact of standalone devices versus whole system purchases on mass-market adoption. 

Matt Swatsky, Vice President-Residential Mid-Market Business, Lutron
Charles Cheevers, CTO, ARRIS representing Wi-Fi Alliance
Dan DiClerico, Home Expert & Smart Home Strategist, HomeAdvisor
David Friedman, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman, & Chief Strategy Officer, Ayla
Linus Lundberg, Google Home + Nest Business Development, Google
Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Sr. Research Analyst, Parks Associates

Lightfair 2019   ( May 21st, Philadelphia Convention Center )
Topic: It’s Occupied – What's Next? Patient Room Survey and Control Data

The University of Kentucky’s new 72-bed neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) features an advanced lighting system that adjusts in color and intensity throughout the day. The lighting system addresses the very different needs of the patients, staff and families. The presentation will share the completed surveys by the staff and families in both the old and new NICU. Responses to lighting questions will be reviewed to better understand what aspects of the design worked well and what aspects could be improved, with a particular focus on the programmed functionality and color-tuning capability. The use of the control system will also be examined, with data collected from the control system showing how the system was daily used in the individual rooms. 

Craig Casey, Lutron – Main Speaker
Andrea Wilkerson, PNNL
Lauri Tredinnick, Pivotal Lighting

ICFF   ( May 20th, Javits Center, NYC )
Topic: Striking a Balance – How Smart Home Products are Changing the Way We Design Spaces

Consumers are expected to spend $4.6 billion on smart home products in 2019 (source: Consumer Technology Association). With this rising demand for home technology comes the need to integrate smart home products into your designs. This panel will examine the growing importance of the interior designer/architect/home technology professional relationship, with tips for finding technology professionals in your local markets. You’ll also hear how smart home manufacturers are addressing design trends, allowing you to more easily integrate these products in your designs. 

Presenter: Melissa Andresko
Speaker: Ed Blair

LEDucation  ( March 13th, NY Hilton Midtown )
Topic: Why ‘Compatibility’ is the Magic Word in controlling LEDs?

Controlling LEDs today means dimming. Dimming LEDs is only easy when 'Compatibility is 100%, and that is either a magical or an exacting process. Since most of us are not Harry Potter, that means: 
1) there has to be an exact match between the LED module/engine and the driver — almost always done by the lighting fixture manufacturer;
2) there has to be an exact compatibility match between the LED driver and the dimmer control — done by a variety of manufacturer/design/construction team members;
3) there has to be an exact compatibility match of the interconnecting wiring between fixture/driver and the dimmer control — done by the installing electrical contractor; and, most important;
4) there has been an exact compatibility match of industry terms/definitions and client expectations.

This last item requires the human interaction and understanding that we all started to learn in the 1st grade, but don't always have time to apply during the rush of design and construction. Creating and following a complete check list for success must be done early and re-confirmed every time a design/construction change is made—not really complicated, but not really a default process. Defining the vocabulary used in this check list and who is responsible for each step is the goal of this presentation. The presentation will include a list of the basic requirements to succeed in dimming LEDs, as well as advanced techniques that can be simply defined to allow a better chance of success in meeting design expression, code requirements and client expectations.

Presenter: Manny Ferisbr

Smart Energy Summit 2019   ( February 20th, Austin )
Topic: Evolution of Energy Management in the Smart Home

The natural progression in the smart home goes from one device providing singular value to many working in concert to deliver a host of benefits. While individual products are driving innovation and energy efficiency, the greatest value comes when multiple devices are controlled in coordination to maximize energy savings. Speakers in this session discuss the multiple product categories active in the home and how crossover use cases can lead to new and valuable energy management scenarios. 

Felicite Moorman, CEO, STRATIS IoT
Dain Nestel, Director, ecobee
Zach Schroeck, Director of Product Management, Lutron
Paul Williams, GM Product Management & Growth, GE Lighting
Moderator: Patrice Samuels, Senior Analyst, Parks Associates

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