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What is Color Tuning?

Dimming the lights helps create the right mood and effect. Color tuning offers the ability to further enhance any space by adjusting the color of electric lighting for a variety of purposes such as presentation, comfort and well-being.

As LEDs (or solid-state lighting – SSL) becomes more advanced, new technologies allow LED color to be adjusted almost infinitely, delivering the perfect light for both commercial and residential spaces.

Color Tuning Flavors:
Warm Dimming
Tunable White
Full Color Tuning

Color Tuning with Lutron Controls

Warm Dimming

Replicate the familiar feeling of incandescent lights – ideal in Hospitality, Residential applications.

Tunable White

Adjust color temperature to suit design preference. Emerging studies are promoting the health, comfort, and productivity benefits of being able to change, or tune the color temperature of a light source.

Ideal in offices, education, healthcare.

Full Color Tuning

Early-on, LEDs were used for lighting in theatrical applications where their ability to change color output had considerable stage value. This ability to change colors was soon adopted beyond the stage to create similar effects in commercial and residential spaces. Designers can now highlight different areas within a space or provide accents to walls and other architectural features to create the perfect appearance.
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