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Light Control Education


LED Control Center of Excellence

The Lutron LED Control Center of Excellence is a resource devoted to providing answers to all questions about LED control solutions, from the basics of LED function to the steps necessary to successfully control LEDs. This online suite of tools and information can help you design an LED dimming system with confidence.

Online Tools

LED & CFL Bulb Compatibility List
Identify the C•L® dimmers and LED & CFL bulbs that have been tested by Lutron and shown to be compatible, making retrofit applications easy.

LED Product Selection Tool
This tool provides recommended LED lamps and fixtures that work with Lutron controls, tested by our LED Control Center of Excellence.

High-Performance LED Fixture List
A compiled list of fixtures that are currently offered with our Hi-lume® A-Series LED driver. All fixtures on this list have the Lutron A-Series driver on their specification sheet.

LED Driver Selection Tool
An interactive tool that allows you to build an LED driver model number simply by identifying the control type, form factor, and driver output.

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