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Light Control Education
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LED Control Center of Excellence

Welcome to the LED Control Center of Excellence, where you’ll find information on all LED-related topics. Our goal is to help you correctly specify, install and use LEDs.

What are you looking for?

I need a Lutron control for a screw-in, dimmable LED bulb or LED fixture. I’m looking for:

A single room control Whole home control Detailed information on all controls
I’m interested in a fixture that is designed/dimmed by Lutron.

Lutron fixture solutions, including Ivalo®
I’m interested in fixtures from other manufacturers that use a Lutron LED driver or that are EcoSystem® compatible.
All fixtures on this list have a Lutron-enabled LED driver or EcoSystem Embedded technology called out on the fixture specification submittal.

High Performance LED Fixture List
I need the right Lutron LED driver for my fixture or light engine.
Use the following tools to build an LED driver model number simply by identifyingthe desired LED module, control type, form factor and/or driver output.

LED Driver Selection Tool
LED Module Selection Tool

For more information on Lutron LED drivers, please visit these product pages:

Hi-Lume® A-Series LED Driver
EcoSystem® 5-Series LED Driver
EcoSystem® H-Series LED Driver
I would like more information on LED bulbs.  

How to effectively dim LEDs
LED ResourcesControlling LEDs whitepaper
I would like information on how to properly dim low-voltage LED MR16 bulbs.

Application Note #559 - Dimming Low-Voltage LED MR16 Lamps

Why is LED control so important?

Controlling LEDs isn’t as simple as controlling an incandescent bulb. While all incandescent bulbs dim smoothly and down to a .1% measure light level, not all LEDs are dimmable. And the ones that are dimmable may be limited in how well and how far down they dim.

Why you can count on Lutron

Through the LED Control Center of Excellence, we test LEDs on a continued basis for compatibility with our controls and drivers. Lutron products also simplify the use of LEDs and ensure a high quality dimming performance.

Our compatibility testing, combined with the various LED trainings we offer, whitepapers we author, and our involvement in various standards organizations, provides a level of customer guidance you won’t find any where else.

Above you’ll find links to a selection of resources to help you find what you need.

Have additional questions?
You can reach us via email at or at 1.877.DIM.LED8.

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