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Good Housekeeping - 10/7/2019
Good Housekeeping includes Caseta in a gift guide of the best gifts for men.
San Francisco Chronicle - 10/6/2019
San Francisco Chronicles includes Caseta in a roundup of the best smart lightbulbs of the year, calling it “the best-performing, most fully-featured smart switches currently available, and well worth the money if you’re serious about connected lighting.”
Interior Design - 9/25/2019
Lutron Opens New Commercial Experience Center in Manhattan's NoMad Neighborhood
BUILDINGS - 9/24/2019
Lutron’s Commercial Experience Center Displays Lighting as a Building Amenity
Engadget - 9/22/2019
Engadget recommends Caseta in an article on the best Alexa-compatible smart home devices, calling it “a strong wireless lighting-control system on its own.”
Architect - 9/19/2019
Lutron Opens Commercial Experience Center in New York
Reader’s Digest - 9/19/2019
Reader’s Digest includes Serena shades in a round-up of the best smart shades available to consumers, with the editor noting that Lutron offers more than 150 fabric choices.
TechHive - 9/9/2019
TechHive recommends Caseta as a smart dimmer that does not require a neutral wire to operate.
Digital Trends - 9/2/2019
Digital Trends names the Aurora dimmer as a must-have Philips Hue accessory and highlights the sleek design and ease of installation.
retrofit - 9/1/2019
University of Texas Case Study
The Ambient - 8/27/2019
The Ambient includes Caseta in a list of the best Alexa-compatible devices, noting how Caseta works with nearly every ecosystem and allows users to turn the lights on and off using voice commands and scheduling routines.
School Construction News - 8/20/2019
A Holistic approach to Human Centric Lighting
CNET - 8/17/2019
The Aurora dimmer is included in a CNET roundup of the best smart lights to buy, with the editor noting that it’s a “nifty little smart dimmer dial.”
USA Today - 8/15/2019
​USA Today includes Caseta in a roundup of the best smart gadgets under $100. The editor notes that Caseta is “one of our absolute favorites.”
ALA - 8/12/2019
University of Oregon Publishes White Paper on Light, Views, & the Workplace Experience
LCA - 8/9/2019
Lutron’s QuEst-D Quick Estimating and Design Tool
TechHive - 8/6/2019
TechHive reviews the Aurora dimmer, calling it a “ingenious solution to a common problem.”
Forbes - 7/29/2019
Forbes includes Caseta in a roundup of the best products that work with Google Assistant, calling it a “brilliant addition to your Works With Nest Smart Home.”
The Wall Street Journal - 7/28/2019
The Wall Street Journal includes both Caseta and Aurora in a trend story on smart lights, describing each product and how Lutron brings intelligence to switches.
CNET - 7/11/2019
CNET includes Caseta in a roundup of the best smart lights of 2019, calling the Caseta In-Wall Dimmer Switch “our favorite by far.”
Gotta Be Mobile - 7/3/2019
Gotta Be Mobile reviews the Aurora and gives the product 4.7 out of 5 stars in addition to a Gotta Be Mobile Editor’s Choice award.
Business Insider - 7/2/2019
Business Insider reviews the Aurora and describes it as “the Philips Hue switch many users have been waiting for.”
High Performance Buildings - 7/2/2019
Five Things to Keep in Mind When Designing Human-Centric Lighting
enLIGHTenment - 7/1/2019
4 Key Concerns in Human-Centric Lighting
Electrical Wholesaling - 6/25/2019
Electrical Wholesaling included Lutron’s HXL approach in their recent roundup of news. Lutron HXL combines four elements of lighting design to allow people to be, work and feel their best: quality light, natural light, connection to the outdoors, and adaptive and personalized control.
Reviewed - 6/13/2019
Reviewed, an outlet part of the USA Today Network, calls Caséta “our favorite dimmer” and includes the Caséta Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit in a roundup of the best switches and dimmers for Apple HomeKit.
The Ambient - 6/12/2019
The Ambient reviews the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer, giving it four out of five stars and noting it as a “top pick” among The Ambient editors.
GeekDad - 6/1/2019
GeekDad reviews the Caséta Fan Control, noting that the product “definitely hits the simple yet powerful sweet spot for which all technology should aim.”
GearBrain - 5/29/2019
GearBrain includes both Caséta and Serena in a trend story on how to protect your home while on vacation.
CNET - 5/21/2019
CNET includes the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer in a gift guide of smart home gadgets for Father’s Day.
9to5Mac - 5/20/2019
9to5Mac announces the launch of the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer.
TechHive - 5/20/2019
TechHive announces the launch of the Aurora Smart Bulb Dimmer.
BUILDINGS - 3/19/2019
Human Centric Lighting is gaining momentum. BUILDINGS, a popular publication among facility managers and building owners, published a piece, titled “What You Need to Know About Human-Centric Lighting,” where Brent Protzman, Director of Building Sciences and Standards Development for Lutron, discusses how decision makers need to offer a holistic human centric lighting solution, taking into account all aspects of how a lighting system affects people.
Building Operating Management - 2/20/2019
Lutron’s new Maestro Wireless in-wall sensors for its Vive simple, scalable, wireless solution were recently featured on Building Operating Management. The new, 0-10 V dimmer/sensor model combines automated, occupancy-based control of light, manual dimming control, and wireless communication to other Vive system devices in a single piece of hardware.
lightED - 2/18/2019
Daylight, views of the outside, and control of light levels are essential parts of human-centric lighting, which should be a major factor in designing workplaces, according to expert panelists at the Human Centric Lighting Roundtable hosted by Lutron.
EC&M - 2/13/2019
LED lighting is giving designers and end-users new options for adjusting the color of light to meet their needs. Learn more in this piece from Brent Protzman, Director of Building Science & Standards Development at Lutron.
Architectural Lighting - 1/21/2019
The recent acquisition of Limelight gives Lutron customers control of interior and exterior lighting from a single dashboard, making it particularly appealing for multi-building facilities and campuses.
Electrical Contractor - 1/15/2019
Connected lighting is considered the ultimate in lighting control and an entry point to the IoT. In this article, Matt Ochs, Director of Product Management at Lutron, describes the present and future of connected lighting.
Electrical Wholesaling - 12/17/2018
Lutron recently hosted a roundtable on Human Centric Lighting, where the panelists addressed a variety of concepts that focused on the most valuable asset of a building environment – the occupants.
LightNOW Blog - 12/4/2018
The LightNOW blog recently featured the 2019 predictions for lighting controls from several Lutron experts. Check out what they had to say about human centric lighting, smart buildings, and WELL buildings!
Architectural Lighting - 11/30/2018
As the learning environment is constantly refined and reinvented, campus architects and lighting designers are challenged to identify and implement advanced system structures to support a world-class learning experience. In this article from Architectural Lighting, we discuss what architects and lighting designers need to know about smart classrooms.
Architectural Lighting - 11/26/2018
“The path blazed by building intelligence technology is a golden one for lighting professionals.” Craig Casey, Senior Building Science Engineer at Lutron, was recently featured in Architectural Lighting, discussing how human centric lighting is quickly taking its place as a key workforce benefit.
LD+A - 11/14/2018
LD+A, the commercial trade publication published by the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES), reported on the recent opening of Lutron's new New York residential experience center.
Health Facilities Management - 11/7/2018
Matt Ochs, director of product management, is quoted in this Health Facilities Management article, discussing tunable white lighting-control technologies and how lighting controls can provide data to help inform better building management, contribute to measurable energy savings and reduce risk for the facility team.
Buildings - 10/8/2018
Kendell Clark, Commercial Product Manager for Lutron, was recently featured in a piece for BUILDINGS Magazine on why smart lighting is worth a look, discussing how it can provide responsive interior and exterior lighting, simplify the responsibilities of the facilities and maintenance teams, and help building owners control cost while adding value.
Architectural Lighting - 10/5/2018
Lighting designers are poised to lead a revolution in worker productivity and comfort, and it all starts with human centric lighting. In this article published on Architectural Lighting, we discuss the benefits of a holistic approach to human centric lighting.
Retrofit - 10/3/2018
Today’s data-management solutions offer a connected approach toward maximizing smart-building performance.
Fox San Antonio - 10/3/2018
Melissa Andresko from Lutron Electronics gave all the details on how you can control all the lights in your home with the touch of a button.
Architect - 10/1/2018
In the rush to advance building energy efficiency and space-use efficiency, a gap occurred in the most critical performance category of all: people. In this piece from Architect, we take a look at 5 steps for architects to consider when designing a space to create value for their clients.
Gear Diary - 9/24/2018
Lutron Serena Shades are custom-made window shades that can be controlled by a remote, by your smartphone, or with a voice assistant.
Engie Insight - 7/11/2018
ENGIE Insight’s Coast to Coast Sustainability Tour team visited the company’s experience center in Washington, D.C. We met with Matt Ochs, Lutron’s Director of Product Management, who told us about how lighting control can contribute to brighter, more productive spaces.
Lighting Controls Association - 7/9/2018
LCA TV highlights Lutron's acquisition of Ketra.
High Performing Buildings - 7/1/2018
A single data and management platform can connect multiple buildings and geographically locations.
Electronic House - 6/19/2018
Top technologies to add convenience, comfort and efficiency to these spaces for your next home improvement project.
Smart Buildings Magazine - 6/13/2018
An intuitive, integrated guestroom management system can contribute to elevate guest comfort while helping to reduce operating and maintenance costs in the property.
Real Simple - 6/6/2018
The editor highlights Caseta’s ability to turn your lights on and off directly from your phone, and calls it “a “genius lighting system that connects to your existing wiring.” It also mentions that Caseta automatically adjusts itself during daylight savings time.
Electrical Wholesaling - 6/5/2018
The new Vive Vue software delivers information about how the building is actually being used, from how much energy is being saved to how often people are using the conference rooms, enabling building operations teams to maximize energy efficiency, space utilization, comfort, and productivity.
LEDs Magazine - 5/29/2018
LEDS Magazine looks at ways lighting designers and specifiers can leverage lighting controls to achieve WELL Building Standards.
RealcommEDGE - 5/25/2018
Smart IoT lighting and shade control solutions can play a pivotal role in creating the right environment by enhancing comfort, efficiency, and productivity throughout the space.
JustLuxe - 5/21/2018
The author curated eight spring solutions to make life easier.
RealComm Edge - 5/14/2018
Smart IoT lighting and shade control solutions can play a pivotal role in creating the right environment by enhancing comfort, efficiency, and productivity throughout the space.
Buzzfeed - 5/11/2018
The article lists Caséta Wireless as one of the top gifts this Father’s Day.
EC&M - 5/9/2018
Mike Eby, EC&M’s senior director of content and all-around electrical industry expert, scouted Chicago's McCormick Place to track down this year's latest and greatest product offerings. Enterprise Vue was one of the first ten Lightfair product offerings that caught Mike's attention.
Lutron - 5/8/2018
The T-Series ESN and T-Series 2-channel Driver seamlessly work with Lutron’s existing portfolio to deliver a comprehensive solution for tunable white projects
Digital Trends - 4/20/2018
Digital Trends reviews the Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch Starter Kit.
Architectural Lighting - 4/17/2018
The acquisition sets the stage for expanded developments in integrated lighting controls platforms.
CEPro - 4/17/2018
Lutron takes its first-ever step into light source/bulb manufacturing with agreement to buy Ketra's 'natural light' solutions that emulate daylight in interior spaces.
TechHive - 3/19/2018
The Caséta starter kit provides easy installation, remotes, and switches.
Electrical Contractor - 3/19/2018
Smart lighting control software can deliver actionable data.
Electrical Contractor - 3/19/2018
Lighting controls are fundamental to comfortable, welcoming public spaces.
LEDs Magazine - 3/19/2018
The Nov/Dec issue of LEDs Magazine includes an article written by Michael Jouaneh and Shaun Taylor on the importance of leveraging lighting controls and automated shades to meet the WELL Building Standard. The ASID headquarters was cited as an example.
Net Zero Buildings - 3/14/2018
Integrated shading solutions are important to achieve desired daylighting effects.
IEC Insights - 2/22/2018
Smart lighting control solutions can help simplify design and installation.
Retrofit - 2/21/2018
To maximize points in WELL and LEED, a Lutron Quantum Total Light Management System was selected to automatically adjust shades and light.
How To Geek - 2/21/2018
Learn how to install and set up a Caséta smart lighting system
Facility Executive - 2/21/2018
Cambridge Sound Management, provider of sound masking technology and Lutron have announced a partnership that enables sound masking systems to activate automatically based on room occupancy. The partnership was created to help keep conversations in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lobbies, or medical offices private and secure.
Lutron - 2/21/2018
Cambridge Sound Management, provider of sound masking technology and Lutron have announced a partnership that enables sound masking systems to activate automatically based on room occupancy. The partnership was created to help keep conversations in conference rooms, huddle rooms, lobbies, or medical offices private and secure.
FMJ - 2/6/2018
FMJ explores how lighting control can help in WELL Building Standard certification.
The Washington Post - 1/22/2018
The Caséta lighting system allows the homeowner to customize lighting preferences and schedules.
Consulting Specifying Engineer - 1/10/2018
This article helps the reader understand that consistent, scheduled revisions to national model codes are designed to serve the public’s best interests, but changes to code can also be complicated, and it can be difficult to stay informed and current
LightEDMag - 1/10/2018
Smart offices will make it easy for occupants to adjust lighting, including using voice technology to do so.
The Boston Globe - 1/5/2018
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless smart lighting lets the user control their lights even when they’re away.
FacilitiesNet - 12/27/2017
Smart lighting control systems can help facility managers and building owners improve building operations.
The Washington Post - 12/15/2017
Caséta Wireless was included as a top smart home gadget in a Washington Post article titled "The skeptic’s guide to smart home gadgets."
Retrofit - 12/11/2017
Lutron's Vive was selected by Madison College for its design and installation flexibility.
iMore - 12/5/2017
Lutron's Caséta Wireless Lighting Starter Kit includes the HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge. These in-wall dimmer switches are a nifty addition to any smart home setup.
The Wirecutter - 11/30/2017
The Lutron Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer Starter Kit allows you to group lights together by room, mood, or section of the house, and turn them on or off with just your voice.
CE Pro - 11/13/2017 published an article authored by Michael Smith on the smart home community trend. National homebuilder Lennar recently announced it will build "Wi-Fi Certified Smart Homes."
LEDs Magazine - 11/8/2017
The Nov/Dec issue of LEDs Magazine includes an article written by Michael Jouaneh and Shaun Taylor on the importance of leveraging lighting controls and automated shades to meet the WELL Building Standard. The ASID headquarters was cited as an example.
Metropolis - 11/1/2017
The newest set of sustainability codes and standards will address an overlooked ecosystem: the human body. Lutron’s manager of sustainability and energy standards gave some insights into the latest Title 24 changes.
CE Pro - 11/1/2017
The CE Pro BEST Awards (Best Electronic Systems Technologies) recognize the most noteworthy new products and technologies making a difference in the industry. Lutron’s Finiré Prime took home the honors in the lighting category.
Men’s Health - 10/30/2017
Men’s Health named Lutron’s Caséta Wireless as one of the coolest Alexa-compatible accessories.
Residential Systems - 10/3/2017
Lutron’s new Connect packages, as well as a family of DIN rail panels and modules, open the door to more project opportunities for integrators.
LD+A - 10/1/2017
ASID headquarters is the first project to achieve Platinum-level certification for both the WELL v1 Building Standard and LEED.
tED Magazine - 9/15/2017
LED technology continues to grow and can provide an excellent user experience when bulbs and controls are properly paired.
CE Pro - 9/11/2017
Lutron RA2 Select expands integrators ability to offer affordable wireless control of lighting and shades with completely app-based installation and consumer-level control.
Sound & Vision - 9/9/2017
Lutron Electronics announced an addition to the company’s lighting control systems, called RA2 Select.
CE Pro - 9/9/2017
Recognizing the most noteworthy new products and technologies of 2017, the Finiré Prime fixture wins in the lighting category.
Architect - 8/21/2017
Natural light is front-and-center in these products that work with or emulate the sun.
The Huffington Post - 8/17/2017
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless line of dimmers, wireless remote controls, remote-controlled shades provide convenient home control from any iOS or Android-based smart phone or tablet. - 8/10/2017
The LED market has rapidly matured in a way not seen with other lighting products. recently spoke with Brian Donlon, VP of Commercial Sales at Lutron Electronics about the challenges and opportunities provided by solid-state lighting at this still-early stage of adoption and usage.
Residential Systems - 7/27/2017
Another company that recognized this and has been building around voice control from the beginning is Lutron, which sees the interface’s advantage reaching far beyond simple convenience.
Architectural Lighting - 7/14/2017
Lutron's Quantum system was chosen to upgrade Wimbledon's Centre Court.
Metropolis - 7/11/2017
The new wireless receptacle from Lutron helps contactors and specifiers meet the most stringent energy codes.
Residential Systems - 6/28/2017
Lutron Electronics’ smart dimmers, occupancy sensors, and battery-powered shades will become standard offerings in ‘Wi-Fi CERTIFIED’ homes from Lennar, one of the nation's largest builders.
Residential Systems - 6/15/2017
The Gallery Collection is a revamped edition of Lutron’s fashion fabrics and materials for roller shades, horizontal sheer blinds, wood blinds, and vertical draperies.
Forbes - 6/10/2017
Caseta Wireless has been named to the list of “Best Father’s Day Gifts” on
Lighting Magazine - 6/8/2017
The U.K. publication, Lighting Magazine celebrates the extraordinary man who changed the ambiance in homes and buildings all over the world. This feature ran in the June 2017 issue of the magazine. You can read the entire article here
CE Pro - 6/1/2017
The 6,300-square-foot showroom and education space includes a mix of Lutron light and blind control solutions for commercial, hospitality and residential use.
LEDs Magazine - 5/26/2017
Forward-thinking control system providers have the opportunity to drive progress, push the technology envelope, and set the standard for digital controls. - 5/13/2017
Before deciding on a TLED retrofit, consider the type of lighting performance necessary in the space. If the lighting needs to be fine-tuned and/or dimmed to low levels, TLEDs may not be able to deliver these benefits.
Fox 31 Denver - 5/13/2017
A review of the Caséta Wireless in-wall dimmer kit.
Architectural Lighting - 5/12/2017
Vive by Lutron is a wireless lighting control solution for new and existing commercial buildings. Vive can be configured at all scales of complexity, from basic occupancy sensors to integrated lighting management system.
Electrical Construction and Maintenance - 5/12/2017
In a session held Tuesday, March 9 from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m., two industry experts (Kelly Cunningham of Pacific Gas & Electric and Michael Jouaneh of Lutron Electronics Co., Inc.) gave Lightfair attendees fresh perspectives on three energy codes.
The Wirecutter - 5/10/2017
A stellar review of the Caséta in-wall dimmer.
ICON Magazine - 4/27/2017
Lutron was quoted in a "Tech Talk" article in the March/April edition of ICON Magazine. Senior Vice President, Ed Blair explains how shading should be viewed as a performance system and not just a furnishing.
CNET - 4/18/2017
Lutron systems now support the Google Assistant platform.
USA Today - 4/5/2017
Caséta Wireless comes with a stand-alone remote, or you can use your smartphone to control lights from inside and outside of the home.
Electrical Wholesaling Magazine - 4/1/2017
Lutron’s Eric Lind and Michael Jouaneh were quoted in the cover story of Electrical Wholesaling’s April 2017 issue. The article discusses California’s Title 24 building energy code and how it is changing the game for lighting and controls.
Retrofit - 3/27/2017
Hotel Ohm chose to use Lutron’s myRoom prime intelligent room control solution and Pico wireless controls to deliver superior design and performance.
Electrical Contractor - 3/20/2017
Trade professionals receive benefits, resources, and support as part of the Lutron PRO program.
KARE 11 - 3/11/2017
Melissa Andresko from Lutron Electronics took some time to show KARE 11 her company's smart lighting technology.
tED Magazine - 3/9/2017
Lutron Electronics has announced the winners of its 2016 5-Star Lighting Showroom Awards. The awards honor lighting showrooms that provide an immersive experience for customers to see and feel Lutron products, actively engaging and intriguing their clients.
Electrical Contractor - 3/1/2017
Lutron’s Eric Lind and Brent Protzman discuss the changing landscape of building design and construction.
Your Tech Report - 2/28/2017
Lutron’s Communication Director, Melissa Andresko joined the Your Tech Report radio show to talk about the company’s 25+ years in the connected home space.
Gear Diary - 2/19/2017
A review of the Caséta Wireless system.
Fortune - 2/17/2017
Fortune contributor, Stacey Higginbotham listed Caséta Wireless as a product in her smart house.
Mac Sources - 2/16/2017
A review of the Caséta Wireless system.
TED Magazine - 2/14/2017
Hi-Lume Premier .1% constant voltage driver offers smooth, flicker-free .1% dimming for the most incandescent-like experience on the market.
NBC Philadelphia - 2/11/2017
In a recent segment on NBC Open House, hear how smart home staging is revolutionizing traditional real estate practice from the floor of the Consumer Electronics Show.
Electrical Contractor - 2/7/2017
This case study focuses on the challenges of a lighting upgrade in an historic building and Vive's ability to solve problems.
Consumer Reports - 2/6/2017
The article highlights Lutron’s LED compatibility tool.
CEPro - 2/3/2017
Lutron will visit 12 cities over the next 3 months bringing full-day hands-on training for RadioRA 2 Level I, two-day RadioRA 2 Level 2 training, and full-day Shades Essential training.
The Huffington Post - 1/30/2017
Tom Telcholz, tech journalist for Huffington Post completed a round-up of products from CES 2017 including Lutron’s whole home systems.
Electrical Contractor - 1/27/2017
Quantum Total Light Management and Vive wireless systems have been listed on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL) in the Networked Lighting Control (NLC) Systems category.
Digital Trends - 1/19/2017
Digital Trends is outfitting a condo in Seattle with tons of smart-home devices suited for an apartment. In their Smart Apartment series, they look at gadgets that are affordable, portable, and hopefully useful.
Gotta Be Mobile - 1/19/2017
Lutron Caséta lights will soon connect with Samsung SmartThings hubs and integrate with the Nest Cam to deliver more control to users.
Retrofit - 1/11/2017
Lutron’s Vive wireless lighting control system was selected as part of Retrofit Magazine’s Top 50 Products of 2016. The publication is celebrating the 50 products that received the most reader inquiries from their September-October 2015 through July-August 2016 issues.
The Digital Media Zone - 1/11/2017
This partnership will allow SmartThings users to connect and control Lutron lights and Serena shades from within the SmartThings app.
CE Pro - 1/6/2017
The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) in conjunction with CE Pro held the 2017 Mark of Excellence Awards at CES 2017. The Lutron Connect Bridge and App was awarded the Lighting Control Product of the Year.
CNET - 1/5/2017
The veteran smart lighting maker plans to sync up with Samsung's connected home platform in 2017. You'll also be able to set your lights to come on whenever the Nest Cam detects motion.
Boot Camp - 1/5/2017
Lutron’s Neil Orchowski discusses the latest announcements stemming from CES 2017.
The Morning Call - 12/23/2016
Lutron’s Caséta wireless lighting system allows homeowners to control their lamps and shades from various devices including their smartphone and Apple watch.
Engadget - 12/20/2016
The Serena Remote Controlled Shades by Lutron offer so much customization that you'll never have to touch your shades again.
Electrical Wholesaling - 12/16/2016
Using the new Lutron App, homeowners can easily adjust their Hunter Symphony and Signal ceiling fans (including the light) to a preferred setting, and easily set the perfect scene with other lights and shades.
Electrical Contractor - 12/15/2016
Flicker in light sources is an old problem made new again in the LED age. LED Engineering Leader, Ethan Biery, discusses how to measure and define flicker.
Residential Systems - 12/15/2016
Using the Lutron App, homeowners can adjust their ceiling fans (including the light) to a preferred setting, and easily set the desired scene with other lights and shades.
The NY Daily News - 12/12/2016
Take control of your house in the digital age with the Caseta Wireless In-Lamp Dimmer Kit.
Buzzfeed - 12/12/2016
Lutron’s Credenza dimmer was named to Buzzfeed’s list of things to try in December. The writer notes that good lighting changes your living situation for the better.
Architectural Lighting - 12/6/2016
A technology innovation that set the stage for modern-day lighting controls.
Better Homes and Gardens - 11/16/2016
Caséta Wireless was named to Better Homes and Gardens Editors’ Choice 2017 Innovation Awards list. It is an annual recognition of 20 products that make life easier, safer, and smarter.
Atlanta Journal Constitution - 11/14/2016
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless lamp dimmer kit with Smart Bridge will allow the geek on your list to wield total control over his environment. - 11/11/2016
With iOS 10, the HomeKit ecosystem is finally maturing, with Apple’s own Home app, support for a wealth of new devices and automations. iLounge selected Lutron’s Caséta Wireless as the best lighting solution for HomeKit.
Business Wire - 11/11/2016
Accepting the award on behalf of her father, Joel Spira, creator of the first solid state dimmer, Lutron Co-Chairman and Co-CEO Susan Hakkarainen reflected on her father’s endless desire to learn. “Our father was insatiably curious; his interests had almost no boundaries. He was always looking for new ideas, and was fascinated by fine craftsmanship.”
Techlicious - 11/2/2016
Caséta Wireless by Lutron can make holiday travel a breeze by keeping your home safe and secure while you're away and offering convenience and savings when you're home.
Architectural Record - 11/2/2016
Vive was included in a lighting product roundup in Architectural Record's November issue.
Engadget - 11/2/2016
With Lutron’s Caséta Wireless, you can adjust your lights via the Apple Watch.
Residential Systems - 11/1/2016
Residential Systems honored exceptional products exhibited at CEDIA 2016 including Lutron’s Connect Bridge and App.
This Old House - 10/28/2016
This Old House announced this year’s top 100 best home products which included Lutron’s HomeKit-enabled Serena Shades. With the Lutron Smartbridge, you can just tell Siri when you want to raise and lower the window coverings. - 10/17/2016
Caséta Wireless and Serena Shades were among the top products chosen to make your home a smart home. The contributor notes that "Adding connected lights to your home is one of the easiest ways to make your home smarter."
Buildings Magazine - 10/14/2016
Lutron was featured in the October issue of Buildings Magazine in an article titled "Navigating the Complex World of Automated Window Shading." Sam Chambers was interviewed on how automated shading systems can help save energy and increase workplace productivity.
American City and County - 10/13/2016
Vive wireless lighting controls from Lutron Electronics is a family of scalable solutions, from simple area switching and occupancy sensing, to individual wireless control of each fixture.
Metropolis - 10/11/2016
Whether in a home, a restaurant, or a conference room, the Lutron Palladiom QS keypad can fit any aesthetic.
Architectural Lighting - 10/7/2016
Designed for hospitality settings, this family of guest room control systems can manage the temperature, illumination, and shading of a room.
Glamour - 10/7/2016
The Caséta Wireless Plug-In Lamp Dimmer is the perfect way to dim the lights for movie night.
Consulting-Specifying Engineer - 9/30/2016
In the lighting controls category, Lutron’s PowPak wireless fixture control was named the Bronze winner for Consulting-Specifying Engineer’s 2016 Product of the Year award. Each winning innovation has been designed to improve workflow and increase system efficiency. - 9/26/2016
The website, reviewed the Caséta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer Kit, calling it the most elegant HomeKit lighting solution.
Residential Systems - 9/22/2016
The Lutron Excellence Awards competition recognizes the world’s best total-home control projects using Lutron products.
Electrical Wholesaling - 9/19/2016
Music lovers can control their home’s sights and sounds in a simple and personalized way with Sonos-endorsed integration and a new Pico Remote Control for Audio.
TWICE - 9/19/2016
These awards honor outstanding products exhibited at the CEDIA expo.
Sound & Vision - 9/17/2016
Lutron is adding Alexa integration to its HomeWorks QS and RadioRA2 lighting control systems, providing voice-activated control of lights, shades, and temperature setting via an Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, or Amazon Fire TV.
Good Housekeeping - 9/15/2016
Caséta Wireless offers a unique solution for adding individual lamps to your smart home with their Plug-in Lamp Dimmer Kit.
CNET - 9/15/2016
You can control your Sonos speakers using Lutron's new Pico Remote Control for Audio.
CE Pro - 9/15/2016
Lutron Electronics is announcing the fourth quarter availability of several new products and software updates intended to simplify the design and installation of Lutron lighting and shade control systems while offering customers more flexible product choices. - 9/12/2016
Lutron announced the new Pico Remote Control for Audio ($49), wall mountable next to matching Lutron light and shade remotes, that can pause, skip, and get the music playing even before you walk in the door.
CNET - 9/8/2016
To help with the decision, CNET conducted a head-to-head comparison between Somfy's motorized shades and Lutron's Serena Shades -- two popular contenders in today's market.
Residential Systems - 9/2/2016
Lutron Electronics is celebrating two milestones in 2016 – 55 years in business and 25 years as CEDIA members. Lutron is kicking off this celebration with a call for dealer photos, videos and testimonials that symbolize 25 years of building an industry together.
Boot Camp Report - 9/1/2016
Lutron’s Neil Orchowski discusses the new Sonos-endorsed integration and Pico Remote Control for Audio.
CNET - 9/1/2016
For the new CNET Smart Home, Lutron’s Serena Shades and its integration capabilities of lights, thermostats and Siri voice control were paramount in creating CNET’s vision.
The Herald - 8/31/2016
The Lutron Caséta Wireless lamp dimmer provides a complete smart home system that controls on/off and dimming of table top and floor lamps and takes just minutes to install.
Dealerscope - 8/30/2016
Lighting control leader Lutron Electronics ushers in the future of light and music with Sonos– endorsed integration and a new Pico Remote Control for Audio.
TechHive - 8/24/2016
The real-estate company has a DIY staging kit that will quickly transform an ordinary home into a smart home.
CNET - 8/23/2016
The real estate company is now offering sellers "Smart Home Staging Kits" made up of popular connected home gadgets like Caséta Wireless by Lutron.
TWICE - 8/22/2016
Sivoia QS Triathlon WIDR shades were selected for the 2016 TWICE VIP Award in the Networked Window Shades/Coverings category. The product was chosen by TWICE retail and distributor partners.
Fortune - 8/18/2016
As part of her recurring “Leading with Purpose” video series with CEOs from around the globe, reporter Susie Gharib included Mike Pessina in a video blog: "How Businesses Can Make a Positive Impact While Still Making Money." Earlier this year, Mike Pessina appeared in a two-part video series on that focused on his leadership style, company history, and Lutron’s role in the internet of things.
USA Today - 8/17/2016
The new Smart Away feature randomly turns lights on and off between 6 PM and 11 PM to make your home look lived in – even when you’re on vacation.
Fast Company - 8/16/2016
The piece highlights leaders in the smart home space on their hopes for the future of HomeKit.
Consulting-Specifying Engineer - 8/15/2016
Senior building science engineer, Craig Casey, authored a piece on the topic of "Design and assessment of daylit spaces—the best way to use daylighting metrics." The learning objectives for the article included describing the complexities of daylighting design and analysis, understanding the type of simulation used for various daylighting metrics, and recalling considerations of fabric selection for a daylighting design.
High Performing Buildings - 8/8/2016
By identifying support services early in job process, facility managers can minimize risk and get the most out of their lighting system.
Commercial Integrator - 8/1/2016
The new $250 Hi-lume Premier 0.1% 96W constant voltage LED driver enables customers to no longer have to sacrifice the dimming performance equivalent to incandescent lighting.
Technology Integrator - 7/28/2016
Winners will be revealed at a press conference on Thursday, September 15 in the CEDIA Booth #4710.
CE Pro - 7/26/2016
Lutron's $250 Hi-lume Premier 0.1% constant voltage driver for commercial LED lighting is part of rebranded three-tiered high-end family under the Hi-lume name.
Eco-Business - 7/13/2016
Joel Spira is commemorated for his invention of the dimmer as these products and other smart lighting control technology are used to save energy and increase productivity.
Bloomberg - 7/12/2016
Brent Protzman advises giving employees control of lights and shades in their work areas to improve productivity and decrease distractions that are caused from glares or scarce lighting.
The New York Times - 7/8/2016
A guide to smart home devices was formed to help users better understand smart technology. Lutron is mentioned among other companies and products for its smart-home dimming switches.
Design Milk - 7/8/2016
Serena Shades are featured in a list of smart home devices that improve the quality of life for its users. The shade’s capabilities, including iOS app controls and Homekit integration, are mentioned along with its design and customizable settings.
The Hindu Business Line - 7/1/2016
An experience showroom was created in Chennai, India. It is expected that this expansion will continue to Coimbatore as well.
RAVE Publication - 6/30/2016
Lutron’s Radio RA 2 lighting control system is now compatible with Autonomic Mirage Media Servers (MMS) and Mirage Audio System (MAS).
Electrical Contractor - 6/30/2016
The magazine conducted a Q&A with Vice President, Brian Donlon. The interview focused on the future of lighting controls and its effects on electrical contractors. More importantly, he stressed how wireless controls are making the contractors life easier, saving both time and money.
Retrofit Magazine - 6/28/2016
Lutron announced a list of manufacturers committed to its OEM Advantage Sales and Marketing Program, and comments on the opportunities provided to the manufacturers and how it helps the customers.
Architectural SSL - 6/22/2016
The Hi-lume Premier 0.1% 96W Constant Voltage LED Driver received a 2016 Product Innovation Award presented by Architectural SSL. The judges’ commented that “This is a much needed UL listed, dimmable remote 24VDC power source in the market.”
EC&M - 6/21/2016
As part of this field report, EC&M identified five trends from this year’s Lightfair International. One such trend included simplification of controls for both wired and wireless lighting systems. EC&M highlighted Vive Wireless Lighting Control Solution as an example of this trend.
Terry White’s Tech Blog - 6/15/2016
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless received great reviews within a Smart Home product review, which showcased how to set up and use the products and app.
Houston Chronicle - 6/13/2016
Caséta Wireless works with Apple’s Homekit to create an efficient use of smart products.
Electronic House - 6/9/2016
Lutron is featured in this article for an assortment of products and their various capabilities. Customizable faceplates, RadioRA 2, and geofencing are some of the ways Lutron was able to improve the lighting within an award winning home.
Chipchick - 6/8/2016
A list of 22 unique and innovative gifts to give Dads and Grads this year was created. This list includes smart technology, including Caséta Wireless, and a variety of other devices that revolutionize simple products for its users.
ConnectedLifestyle - 6/8/2016 advises customers on how to successfully add new motorised shades in their home and includes product examples such as Lutron coupled shades and Lutron railroaded blinds.
Go Design Go - 6/8/2016
Lutron was featured for the new WIDR shade system, Sivoia QS Triathlon. Its latest aesthetics and performance were mentioned along with its ability to be controlled in a variety of ways, including the use of a remote, the Lutron app, or within a whole-home control system.
CE Pro - 6/3/2016
Lutron is recognized as the top brand in highest revenue custom installation companies.
Dealerscope - 6/2/2016
David Weinstein writes about how to connect with consumers through designing products that will work with other systems that they already use in their everyday lives.
San Diego Family - 6/1/2016
Caséta Wireless was mentioned in a list of local families’ favorite home products.
Security Dealer & Integrator - 6/1/2016
Blake Deal recognizes the importance of maintaining the expectations of customers as smart homes and products become more frequent.
Dealerscope pg. 14 - 6/1/2016
David Weinstein writes about the simplicity of connected-home products and offers advice on how to market these solutions.
Commerical Architecture - 5/27/2016
Automated shading systems optimize building performance and prioritize occupant comfort.
Kitchen & Bath Business - 5/26/2016
The emerging smart kitchen strives to simplify and connect consumers’ lives.
LEDs Magazine - 5/24/2016
Lighting OEMs team up with Lutron Electronics to deliver high-performance, energy efficient, value-added lighting controls and in-fixture dimming solutions that specifiers trust. - 5/19/2016
If your dad is appreciative of technology gifts, Caséta Wireless from Lutron would be a real winner for Father's Day.
Men’s Journal - 5/17/2016
The article advises on the three best ways to get your home connected. For a simple way to smarten up your home, the editor recommends Lutron’s Caséta Wireless system. - 5/16/2016
Lutron’s Vice President of Residential Sales, Michael Smith discusses how occupancy sensors and Serena shades help make a difference in the lives of the aging community.
LEDs Magazine - 5/16/2016
The latest version of Quantum Vue addresses facility managers’ most critical concern—keeping people comfortable and improving operational efficiency.
KTLA - 5/11/2016
Lynette Romero of KTLA Channel 5 News in Los Angeles was live with actor Ed Begley Jr. and his wife at his ultimate eco-home in Studio City, California. He demonstrates how Lutron lighting and shading solutions contribute to energy savings in the home. - 5/9/2016
In this byline, Andy discusses the ways in which facility managers can take full advantage of their lighting control systems.
Electrical Wholesaling - 5/4/2016
As a result of Lightfair 2016, Electrical Wholesaling selected their top ten product picks from the show including Lutron’s Vive lighting control solution.
Residential Systems - 5/2/2016
"To contractors, Vive represents a reliable, simple, time-saving product that’s versatile enough to control all light sources in any size commercial building"—Eric Lind, VP of global specifications, Lutron.
Dealerscope - 4/29/2016
Mr. Spira will be inducted into the 2016 Consumer Technology Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame is sponsored by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). Created in 2000, the CT Hall of Fame pays tribute to the leaders who have advanced innovation and developed a foundation for the consumer technologies we enjoy today and others still to come.
LEDs Magazine - 4/28/2016
The Product Sprint awards honor lighting manufacturers with the best products in five categories. Best Control: Lutron Electronics Co, Inc., Vive Wireless System. A simple and scalable wireless lighting control solution for new or existing commercial buildings. It provides centralized control and integration, such as timeclock via BACnet and lets you personalize control to each space in your building, while reducing installation time and cost. - 4/26/2016
Eric Hagerman of This Old House magazine shows Natalie Morales and Dylan Dreyer futuristic products for the home, including Apple HomeKit that lets Siri connect and coordinate your household devices.
EC&M Web - 4/26/2016
EC&M's Editor-in-Chief Mike Eby explored the 2016 Lightfair International show floor in San Diego to bring exclusive event coverage, such as cutting-edge products that captured his attention.
LEDs Magazine - 4/21/2016
The Lighting Controls Association offered an advanced look at a selection of new products that will be displayed by members at LIGHTFAIR International April 26-28 in San Diego. - 4/20/2016
Lutron President and Co-CEO, Mike Pessina, shares how he leads at a constantly-changing company.
LEDs Magazine - 4/19/2016
Leading into Lightfair International, LEDs Magazine reported on Lutron’s new Vive wireless lighting control system. - 4/12/2016
Mike Pessina, CEO of Lutron, speaks on the evolution of the company that invented the dimmer, and expanding the smart home lighting market. - 4/7/2016
CNET reported on the new partnership between Lutron and Amazon's Echo, Echo Dot, Tap and Fire TV - 4/7/2016
Lutron Electronics joined the growing ranks of companies whose products and services "hear" and respond to voice commands from Amazon Echo, Dot, Tap and Amazon Fire TV. - 4/7/2016
Caséta owners can ask Alexa to turn connected lights on and off or dim them to preset values. - 4/7/2016
Amazon's Alexa is now controls another smart home product: Lutron's Caséta Wireless dimmers and switches. - 4/7/2016
Instead of reaching for a smartphone and launching an app, you can simply say, "Alexa" to control your Caséta system. - 4/7/2016
Writer Josh Smith notes, “After spending a month with the Caseta Wireless system from Lutron I’ve found the perfect home lighting solution.” - 4/7/2016
Amazon's Alexa is getting her claws into even more of your smart home, with the news that Lutron's Caséta Wireless lighting can now be controlled by voice. - 4/7/2016
Lutron Electronics has announced integrated support for its Caséta Wireless system via Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant. - 4/7/2016
iLounge reviewed Caseta Wireless giving it a recommended rating based on the hardware, software, and LED bulb support.
TWICE - 4/7/2016
Lutron has become the latest smart-home supplier to integrate its products with Amazon’s Echo, Tap, and Dot enabling voice control of Lutron’s Caseta wireless lighting-control products.
CE Pro - 4/7/2016
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless kit enables voice control of lights using Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Tap, or Amazon Fire TV.
IoT Podcast with Stacey Higginbotham - 4/7/2016
The guest of the week was Mike Pessina, the co-CEO of Lutron. He shared his recipes for great lighting and talks about the role of Lutron’s proprietary wireless protocol for lighting control in a world that is rapidly embracing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
Parenting Squad - 3/22/2016
Smart lighting is a way to guide families through everyday life. Caseta Wireless switches and dimmers can be programmed to turn on when it’s time for the kids to get out of bed. - 3/21/2016
ME sits down for a chat with Lutron Electronics’ Michael Pessina, co-chief executive officer, and Ramin Mehrgapour, senior vice-president, about how the lighting firm is looking to crack the Middle East’s energy conservation market.
Installation International - 3/21/2016
Samuel Woodward, Lutron’s customer education leader for Europe and Africa discusses the growth of LED lighting in commercial installations.
American City & County - 3/14/2016
Lutron’s Director of Government Solutions, Andy Wakefield, explains how Lutron occupancy sensors can save 40 to 60 percent of lighting energy. This was recently achieved at Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station.
EnLIGHTenment Magazine - 3/9/2016
The article discussed Lutron's latest developments in lighting control specifically Caséta Wireless.
SNAP Architectural News + Products Magazine - 3/9/2016
Compatible with Lutron’s Sivoia QS roller shades, Axiom perimeter shade pockets were featured in a new product roundup. - 3/8/2016
Veteran reporter Susie Gharib conducts video interviews with the world's top CEOs and business leaders for, covering current events, news topics and leadership lessons. Susie recently sat down with Mike Pessina and spoke with him about his leadership style, the people and company he leads, as well as his thoughts on the smart home, the Internet of Things, and leading with purpose.
Buildings Magazine - 3/3/2016
Lutron’s PowPak wireless fixture control was featured in Buildings Magazine products and services section.
Philly Biz Magazine - 3/2/2016
In this column, Michael Pessina discussed how Lutron's 5 principles have helped set the standard for excellence within the company.
South Florida Luxury Guide - 2/26/2016
Palladiom and GRAFIK T keypads were selected in a roundup on technology products
California Buildings News - 2/19/2016
Vice President of Global Specifications, Eric Lind, comments on how wireless lighting controls solutions provide energy savings and flexibility for shifting space needs.
Retrofit Magazine - 2/19/2016
The magazine featured Lutron’s High-Performance LED fixture list.
Facility Executive - 2/10/2016
The 2016 Facility Executive Readers’ Choice Awards selected Lutron as the winner in the Lighting Controls category. Facility management professionals were asked to indicate what companies they rated highest in aesthetics, reliability, value, and customer service.
WCIU (Chicago, IL) - 2/9/2016
Melissa Andresko visited WCIU in Chicago for Try It Tuesday! She shows us how the Caséta Wireless kits can be used to make your home into a smart home.
Hotels Magazine - 2/9/2016
Lutron’s myRoom hospitality solution was featured in the January/February issue. - 2/8/2016
This Valentine's Day, be sure to try Lutron’s Caséta Wireless to transform regular every day lighting into romantic mood lighting for a special Valentine's night in.
Retrofit Magazine - 2/1/2016
The magazine featured the Lutron alliance with Armstrong Ceiling Systems. - 1/31/2016
In the Sunday print edition and online at The Record, northern New Jersey’s daily newspaper, an article on the combination of lowered prices and increased intercommunications seen within the smart home industry included quotes on Caseta’s Siri capability. - 1/25/2016
Lutron is promising “energy saving without sacrifice” with its new MyRoom technology for hotels. - 1/25/2016
Online podcast, Boot Camp Report interviewed Lutron’s Director Of Product Development, Matt Swatsky, on Caseta’s new integration announcements, Serena’s installation process, Caseta’s security benefits along with Lutron’s expectations for 2016. - 1/20/2016
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless system was the first product highlighted in this round-up of smart home buys. - 1/12/2016
A glimpse into the stories of 12 Philadelphia businesspeople who are driving our economy forward. - 1/8/2016
HomeKit compatible connected home accessories are being introduced across CES 2016 with the following offering something new or interesting. - 1/7/2016
Lutron announces Siri compatibility for its shades using HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge system. - 1/6/2016
Apple’s HomeKit platform, which allows Siri-control of Wi-Fi connected home automation accessories, is one of the big areas of interest at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show. - 1/6/2016
Lutron today at CES 2016 announced that its Serena and Sivoia QS Triathlon motorized window shades now support the HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge. - 1/5/2016
“Siri, open the shades.” Lutron’s HomeKit-enabled Caséta Wireless Smart Bridge now includes window shades. - 1/4/2016
Sneak preview of Smart Home session at CES 2016, covering home automation challenges and successes in interoperability, security and privacy, sales and marketing, product development and user experience.
The Philadelphia Inquirer - 1/3/2016
In advance of this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, an interview with Lutron Co-CEO and President Mike Pessina was featured in the Business section of Sunday’s print and online edition of The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Behind the Buy on TV - 1/9/2015
This article is a highlight of products that consumer TV reporter, Steve Noviello saw at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
CBS46 (Atlanta, GA) - 1/9/2015
In this syndicated TV segment, David Gregg, Senior Editor from Behind the Buy, talks about Lutron Caséta Wireless at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
AT&T Consumer Blog - 1/9/2015
AT&T is currently working with Lutron, Samsung, Qualcomm Life, Inc., a subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated, and LG Electronics to provide more choices to customers with the ability to manage new capabilities from the AT&T Digital Life app. This announcement was made on the first day of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (January 5, 2015).
CES Daily (day 4, page 12) - 1/9/2015
Lutron President, Mike Pessina participated in one of six Super Session panels at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The “Evolution of the Smart Home” session featured panelists from Lowe’s, Bosch and yetu.
Yahoo! Finance - 1/9/2015
Top technology executives from around the world participated in key panel discussions on the innovations present at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. Lutron President, Mike Pessina participated in one of six Super Session panels called “The Evolution of the Smart Home” which featured panelists from Lowe’s, Bosch and yetu. - 1/8/2015
Lutron Caséta Wireless was named “Lighting Control Product of the Year” by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) in the annual 2015 Mark of Excellence Awards presented at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.
Fox6 (Green Bay, WI) - 1/7/2015
Consumer TV Reporter, Steve Noviello presented the latest gadgets at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Lutron's Caseta Wireless was included, and this TV segment was broadcasted all over the country on local Fox News affiliates.
The New York Times - 1/7/2015
AT&T Digital Life customers will soon be able to manage their Lutron devices, such as shades through the Digital Life app. Integration with Caséta Wireless will provide Digital Life customers with new features that further enhance their security and home automation system.
The Las Vegas Morning Blend - 1/6/2015
Lutron Communications Director – Public Relations, Melissa Andresko introduced Caséta Wireless on this popular morning television show during the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Top Tech News - 1/6/2015
AT&T Digital Life customers will soon be able to manage their Lutron devices, such as shades through the Digital Life app. Integration with Caséta Wireless will provide Digital Life customers with new features that further enhance their security and home automation system. - 1/6/2015
AT&T Digital Life customers will soon be able to manage their Lutron devices, such as shades through the Digital Life app. Integration with Caséta Wireless will provide Digital Life customers with new features that further enhance their security and home automation system. - 1/6/2015
Lutron was included in this article on the newest gadgets and integrations at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show. One of the announcements included in the article was on Lutron working with AT&T as AT&T Digital Life customers will soon be able to manage their Lutron devices, such as shades through the Digital Life app. - 1/5/2015
Lutron was described in this article as an organization that went from a “mom-and-pop organization to an international brand.” Lutron President, Mike Pessina and Lutron Senior Vice President, Susan Hakkarainen are quoted in the article as well regarding Lutron’s history. - 1/5/2015
The Lutron App can now work with the Nest Learning Thermostat. From the Lutron App, you can adjust the temperature as well as set your Nest Thermostat to Home or Away from anywhere. This functionality is available now for iOS and Android-based devices. - 1/5/2015
The Lutron App can now work with the Nest Learning Thermostat. From the Lutron App, you can adjust the temperature as well as set your Nest Thermostat to Home or Away from anywhere. This functionality is available now for iOS and Android-based devices. - 1/5/2015
AT&T Digital Life customers will soon be able to manage their Lutron devices, such as shades through the Digital Life app. Integration with Caséta Wireless will provide Digital Life customers with new features that further enhance their security and home automation system. - 1/5/2015
The Lutron App can now work with the Nest Learning Thermostat. From the Lutron App, you can adjust the temperature as well as set your Nest Thermostat to Home or Away from anywhere. This functionality is available now for iOS and Android-based devices. - 1/5/2015
Lutron President, Mike Pessina was quoted several times in this article on regarding the smart home that was released just prior to the Consumer Electronics Show. - 1/5/2015
AT&T Digital Life customers will soon be able to manage their Lutron devices, such as shades through the Digital Life app. Integration with Caséta Wireless will provide Digital Life customers with new features that further enhance their security and home automation system.
American City + County - 12/14/2014
Energy efficiency is a priority for federal, state and local governments, and Lutron Director of Government Solutions, Andy Wakefield authored this article on how to meet energy efficiency goals.
Architectural Record - 12/9/2014
Lutron’s new Grafik T dimmer was named a “2014 Record Product” by Architectural Record. A jury of six professionals selected the best new products of the year from among 500 entries submitted for architectural record's annual competition. Jurors were asked to rate the entries on the criteria of innovation, usefulness, and—where applicable—aesthetics.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show - 12/4/2014
Lutron Caséta Wireless was featured on day 1 of Ellen DeGeneres' annual "12 Days of Giveaways" shows! Lutron is shown at the 5:15 mark. These 12 shows are Ellen's most watched shows of the year, with nearly 5 million viewers tuning in each day, not to mention her 17 million Facebook fans, 39 million Twitter followers and her 10 million + YouTube channel subscribers.
Architectural Lighting - 12/4/2014
Lutron's 250W C.L dimmer was featured on the Architectural Lighting website in the article, "Sleek and Simple Controls” where the reporter said, “Behind these subtle switch plates are systems that offer smooth dimming no matter the lamp type.”
LEDs Magazine - 12/3/2014
Lutron hosted customers, designers and friends of the industry at a re-opening event at the Lutron Florida Experience Center in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. The Center was recently renovated with Lutron’s latest product innovations.
House Beautiful - 12/1/2014
Lutron's Serena Shade and Caseta Wireless In-Wall Dimmer were included in the December/January issue of House Beautiful magazine! The products are listed as #4 and #11 in the article.
This Old House - 12/1/2014
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless dimmers, Smart Bridge and Serena shades were featured on as one of the “23 High-Tech Ways to Make Entertaining Easier.”
tED magazine (The Electrical Distributor) - 12/1/2014
The following Lutron products were included in tED magazine's (The Electrical Distributor) 2015 Product Preview:
1. Caseta Wireless
2. Maestro 0-10V Dimmer Sensor
3. Grafik T
Architect’s Newspaper - 11/11/2014
Lutron’s Quantum Vue was included in this product round-up on products that help save energy in buildings today. Quantum Vue is a mobile-friendly software that lets facility managers monitor, analyze, and program all energy usage in a building, and ties all lighting and shade controls together. (Originally featured in The Philadelphia Inquirer) - 11/2/2014
A Lutron RadioRA 2 system was installed in a home outside Philadelphia. The homeowner, Sarah Alfadl said, “It's easier than turning lots of lights on and wondering whether they're off after you've left the room….Instead of six or eight buttons, you can control the system through your iPad if you want to.”
Architectural Digest - 11/1/2014
Lutron's new Grafik T is featured in the November issue of Architectural Digest, and it is on their website.
Buildings - 11/1/2014
The facility manager for AWeber - an email communications firm based in Chalfont, PA – spoke to this publication about the benefits of having a wireless lighting control system in their uniquely designed office building. The controls, sensors and shades in the building are from Lutron, and there is also a Lutron case study on AWeber. - 10/24/2014
Lutron’s Maestro Occupancy Sensing Switch was featured as one of four products in the article, “4 Products That Will Save You Hundreds on Your Utility Bills.” - 10/21/2014
Andy Wakefield, Director of Government Solutions at Lutron Electronics authored the article, "The Role That Lighting Controls Play in Microgrids" for the September issue of Electroindustry, and an energy-focused website called "Energy Efficiency Markets" picked up the article last week. - 10/13/2014
On October 8th, Lutron hosted the 2015 Greenbuild Planning Committee meeting at our Washington, D.C. Experience Center. There is a great article on the USGBC website with lots of photos on the event. - 10/10/2014
Brian Donlon, Vice President of Sales at Lutron Electronics, authored an article for this website on the importance on data logging with retrofits.
Lighting Controls Association - 10/8/2014
Brent Protzman, Manager of Energy Information & Analytics at Lutron, wrote an article for the LCA website on lighting retrofits. - 10/2/2014
Lutron’s Quantum Vue was one of 20 products recognized by Electrical Contractor magazine at the 2014 NECA Convention and Trade Show in Chicago with its annual Showstopper Awards.
Metropolis Magazine - 10/2/2014
By Shannon Sharpe, Light at Your Fingertips
tED: The Electrical Distributor - 10/1/2014
The Lutron case study on the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle, WA was featured in this publication.
Government Product News - 10/1/2014
Lutron's Data Logger Program was featured in the October issue of Government Product News.
Metropolis - 10/1/2014
This architecturally and design focused publication printed a feature article on Lutron’s Grafik T in this month’s issue. Lutron Founder, Mr. Joel Spira was quoted in the article saying, “It’s a completely new way to control things. You can touch it on and off. You can put your finger on exactly the level you want.”
Electrical Construction & Maintenance (EC&M) - 9/30/2014
EC&M visited the Lutron booth at the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) Conference in Chicago, and they posted three online videos with Matt Kurtz presenting new Lutron products, including Grafik T, Caséta Wireless and Quantum Vue.
LEDs magazine - 9/25/2014
Pekka Hakkarainen, Vice President at Lutron, wrote an article for this publication on how lighting designers and specifiers are faced with meeting ever-more-stringent regulatory standards for lighting projects as the U.S. makes progress toward net-zero energy goals.
RAVE - 9/16/2014
Melissa Andresko, Director of Communications – Public Relations at Lutron, presented the latest products at Lutron’s booth at CEDIA Expo.
The Federal Times - 9/15/2014
In this article, Andy Wakefield, Director of Government Solutions at Lutron, addressed how important smart lighting control systems are to ensuring energy security and flexibility within the grid.
Electronic House - 9/15/2014
Lutron’s Smart Bridge was featured in this article on notable products shown at CEDIA Expo 2014.
Sound & Vision - 9/14/2014
The Lutron Sivoia QS Triathlon Roller Shade was one of the winners of the CEDIA Manufacturers Excellence Awards mentioned in this article that announced the winners. - 9/12/2014
Lutron was featured as one of nine companies in this feature article.
Residential Systems - 9/11/2014
Lutron’s Caséta Wireless products are mentioned in this article on CEDIA Expo.
Building Design & Construction (BD+C) - 9/1/2014
The Lutron case study on the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle, WA was featured in this publication. The year-long retrofit project included Lutron’s Quantum system, digitally addressable dimming ballasts, Ecosystem H-Series, sensors and more.
Electroindustry - 9/1/2014
The Lutron case study on the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle, WA was featured in this publication.
National Defense magazine - 8/1/2014
Smart grids and microgrids are hot topics in the electrical industry today. This defense focused magazine published an article by Lutron’s director of government & OEM solutions, Andy Wakefield on how lighting controls can help increase energy security.
SNAP magazine - 8/1/2014
Lutron's Radio Window Sensor was featured in this article. In addition, Sergio Coscia, principal of Coscia Moos Architects, provided a quote supporting the concept of daylight autonomy.
NAESCO News (National Association of Energy Service Companies) - 8/1/2014
The Lutron case study on the Jackson Federal Building in Seattle, WA was featured in this publication. - 7/26/2014
This article was on the new Wink app that can control many connected devices in the home, including Lutron Caseta Wireless dimmers and Lutron Serena motorized shades.
GigaOM - 7/2/2014
This article talks about Wink, the newly launched smart home spin out of product design shop Quirky. The Wink Hub controls connected devices in the home and the Wink Hub includes numerous wireless technologies, such as Lutron's Clear Connect Wireless technology which allows Caseta dimmers and shades to be controlled by the Wink app.
tED magazine - 7/1/2014
tED magazine is celebrating their 50th anniversary this year. In this article, the writer took a look back at the history of the industry. One of Lutron's print ads from 1984 was included in the article.
Government Product News - 7/1/2014
Government Product News printed a portion of a recent Lutron press release on federal agencies working to meet sustainability goals. The press release focused on how the agencies can now use either LEED or Green Globes 2010 as green building certification systems. - 7/1/2014
This popular consumer tech website reviewed Lutron’s new Caséta Wireless solution!
CNBC - 7/1/2014
Ben Kauffman, the founder of Quirky was interviewed on CNBC on the new Wink app. He mentioned Lutron in his interview as "one of the great companies" Wink is working with. - 7/1/2014
Lutron Caséta Wireless dimmers were mentioned in this article as one of the many connected devices that the new Wink app can control. (Tech Take) - 6/26/2014
In this segment, Lutron Communications Director – Public Relations, Melissa Andresko spoke with Fox Tech Take reporter, Adam Housley about Lutron Serena Remote Controlled shades and Caséta Wireless dimmers that can be controlled via a smart phone.
Lighting Controls Association - 6/25/2014
Brent Protzman, manager of energy information & analytics, Lutron Electronics explained to readers in this article how the first point of emphasis in evaluating building lighting control strategies must be on the sociological impacts of building occupants. The article was based on Lutron president, Mike Pessina’s presentation, “A Systems Approach to Lighting a Building” that he gave at the Smart Lighting Conference in Barcelona, Spain in May.
CE Pro - 6/10/2014
According to the annual CE Pro 100 Brand Analysis study, Lutron is the most used brand in both the lighting control category and the automated shade category. The numbers associated with each manufacturer reflect the number of CE Pro 100 dealers using that brand.
Electrical Wholesaling - 6/9/2014
In a recap on Lightfair, this reporter told readers this year’s Lightfair was one of the “biggest and busiest yet.” He mentioned Lutron’s booth was very busy, and he said one of the consistent topics he heard about at the show was the control of LEDs. He mentioned that Lutron is heavily vested in this area. - 6/2/2014
This consumer tech website published Lutron’s announcement on the new Caséta Wireless solution.
School Planning & Management - 6/1/2014
The Lutron Calvert High School case study was featured in the June issue. The Lutron meet-in the middle shade system was custom designed to fit into the multi-use media center. The high school multi-use media center has huge skylights, each more than 35 feet in length, pitched at a 16-degree angle.
Electrical Contractor - 6/1/2014
Brent Protzman, manager of energy information & analytics, Lutron Electronics, was interviewed for this article on demand response. He gave insight on what "intelligent, efficient products" are, and how they automatically save energy, thereby reducing the load on the power grid.
Electroindustry - 6/1/2014
Smart grids and microgrids are hot topics in the electrical industry today. Lutron’s director of government & OEM solutions, Andy Wakefield wrote this article to help readers gain a better understanding o how lighting controls can make an impact on energy security and increased grid reliability. - 5/31/2014
Tech reporter, Brian Bennett posted a 3-minute video where he talked about Lutron Caséta Wireless and its capabilities. He also posted an article with the video. This video was also picked up by several other websites including,,, and more. - 5/30/2014
Lutron designer solutions marketing and communications manager, Staci Quirk authored this articles that appeared as one of the featured blogs in the Lighting and Products section on the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) website. Staci addressed the pivotal role that lighting plays in designing both residential and commercial spaces, particularly the use of automated shades to control natural light. - 5/24/2014
Writer Michael Hsu reviewed Lutron Caséta Wireless, and wrote in his article, "A few companies make wireless light switches that should do the trick. The most reliable one I've tried is by Lutron." - 5/8/2014
On May 8, Lutron President, Mike Pessina presented a "Systems Approach to Lighting a Building" at the Smart Lighting Conference in Barcelona, Spain. - 5/1/2014
Arya Abraham, product manager of LED drivers, Lutron Electronics, wrote an article for on the benefits of digital lighting control solutions. One of the many benefits Arya mentioned in the article was: "Digital controls make it easier to meet and exceed building codes and green standards."
Defense Communities - 5/1/2014
Andy Wakefield, Lutron director of government and OEM solutions, discussed new ways that military bases can save energy and money through using and controlling LED bulbs. "Not only is the military committed to developing net-zero installations and creating a more sustainable culture, it is starting to turn to military families for help," said Andy.
LEDs magazine - 5/1/2014
Lutron vice president, Pekka Hakkarainen, highlights the benefits and challenges that come with using LEDs in the article, "Smart Solid-State Lighting Depends on Advanced Controls.”
tED magazine - 5/1/2014
In 2013, tED recognized Lutron for leadership in social media by presenting the company with the "tED: Best of the Best Award." In this article, the judges' commented on why Lutron was selected for the "tED Best of the Best" award in 2013.
LD+A - 5/1/2014
The international case study—the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany—was featured in this publication. The case study highlights the key to the refurbishment of the hotel was the need to continue day-to-day operations with minimal impact on guests. Lutron Lutron Energi TriPak was an ideal solution as it helped to transform each guest room in under 30 minutes.
The Ellen DeGeneres Show - 4/22/2014
Lutron products were featured on the Ellen DeGeneres Show on Earth Day!
Consulting Specifying Engineer - 4/9/2014
Lutron director of global energy solutions, Brian Dauskurdas, explained to readers how "Incorporating Shade Control in Lighting Design Strategy" can make buildings more efficient and occupants more productive. Brian touched upon three main topics: design trends and building codes, automated shade control and the human aspects of daylight.
Government Product News - 4/3/2014
Government Product News announced in April that they will now have a section of the publication dedicated to lighting products. As part of the kickoff, they featured several videos on lighting, including Lutron's "Wired vs. Wireless" YouTube video.
The Las Vegas Morning Blend - 4/2/2014
Lutron scored a 5-minute segment on this popular morning TV show in Las Vegas. Company spokesperson and PR Director, Melissa Andresko spoke about dimming, sensors, shades and home security.
Architectural Record - 4/1/2014
Lutron product manager of Caseta Wireless, Matt Swatsky was interviewed for the article, "Converging Networks" on the strong shift in home automation to wireless devices and the ability to control them remotely on iPads and iPhones.
Electrical Contractor - 4/1/2014
Lutron vice president of sales, North America, Brian Donlon and Lutron Lead Design & Development Engineer, Ethan Biery were quoted in this article. The article focused on the opportunity contractors have with lighting controls, the changing landscape of bulb and dimmer compatibility and how to become more knowledgeable about what's on the market today.
LEDs magazine - 4/1/2014
The international Lutron case study on The Business Academy Bexley in London was published on the LEDs Magazine website. Lutron's controllers, sensors, and drivers along with 8point3 LED fixtures, are helping to save the Academy 25,000 euros/34,860 dollars annually. - 3/31/2014
The new Lutron Energi Advisor App was selected by EcoBuilding Pulse (Hanley Wood publication) as one of "six inventive products" to help outfit a space.
The Star Ledger - 3/27/2014
In this article, the reporter explained to consumers what the vast options are for lightbulbs, and Lutron’s Pekka Hakkarainen contributed to the article on how they can best be dimmed.
The Intelligencer - 3/17/2014
A local Bucks County, Pa newspaper, The Intelligencer, came to Lutron to find out more on the 60- 40- light bulb phase out, the challenges consumers are facing, and how Lutron is working to educate them about the options they have as well as how to dim them.
CNN Money - 3/3/2014
This CNN Money story includes a quote from Lutron Vice President, Ed Blair regarding Lutron’s involvement with Project Frog – a San Francisco-based company that gives architects and builders a fast and cost-effective way to create beautiful, energy-efficient structures by providing component buildings that assemble easily onsite.
Government Products News - 3/1/2014
Lutron’s new Nova T 0-10V Dimmer was one of four new LED control products introduced in early 2014, and it was featured in a product spotlight section in the March issue.
Corporate TechDecisions - 3/1/2014
AWeber is an email marketing company with a unique, undeniably creative and cool atmosphere. The company has a laser focus on ensuring employees are happy, and Lutron lighting controls contribute to their overall experience there.
Popular Mechanics - 2/28/2014
Lutron was in this article posted in February and in the March issue of the magazine. It includes Lutron’s research statistics on the incandescent bulb phase-out and awareness of new energy efficient sources such as LEDs. The article also addressed dimming LEDs, and recommended the C.L dimmer collection as one of the two dimmers on the market designed for use with LEDs. and - 2/6/2014
The Lutron Maestro Occupancy Sensor C•L Dimmer was selected as one of six products featured on that help you save energy (and money). The article was also picked up by Time magazine’s website, - 2/5/2014
Lutron’s Brent Protzman reveals information you will need to know about how to effectively use daylight while maintaining a comfortable, productive environment.
Electroindustry - 2/1/2014
Lutron was prominently featured throughout the February lighting issue with two feature articles from Lutron executives. Lutron President, Mike Pessina wrote an article on smart technology (page 5), and Pekka Hakkarainen wrote an article on daylighting (page 20). Also included in this issue was the Lutron Panduit case study (p 10), and a product spotlight on the LED Recessed Xicato Lighting Fixture (p 40). - 1/30/2014
This publication wrote an article about the phase-out to educate readers and included results from a Lutron survey on the topic.
Architectural Lighting - 1/15/2014
The new Lutron Finire LED recessed light fixture with Xicato LED modules was featured as a product spotlight on this magazine’s website.
LD+A - 1/1/2014
In the January issue of LD+A, Lutron’s Brent Protzman wrote a feature article highlighting how automated shades are used to achieve daylight autonomy. - 1/1/2014
Fox News tech reporter, Adam Housley interviewed Melissa Andresko of Lutron on the incandescent bulb phase-out. The online interview lasted over six minutes as Melissa discussed with Adam what consumers need to be prepared for with the phase-out of incandescent bulbs.
Lighting Controls Association - 12/30/2013
After installing Lutron’s Energi TriPak retrofit solution, The Gurdon Institute at the University of Cambridge saved 60% lighting energy usage, and decided to install the product in several other areas as a result. - 12/19/2013
As of January 1, 2014, the 40 and 60 watt incandescent light bulbs will no longer be manufactured or shipped into the U.S. Lutron's Melissa Andresko discusses with Fox Reporter Adam Housley what consumers need to prepare for.
CE Pro - 12/18/2013
David Weinstein of Lutron was selected as one of the "Industry's Unsung Heroes." David is one of 24 long-time CE industry leaders who CE Pro named "deserving of recognition."
Today’s Lighting Distributor - 12/12/2013
An international case study - the Marriott Hotel in Frankfurt, Germany - was not only featured in the December issue (p 14), but was the cover story. Using Lutron Energi TriPak controls, each guest room was transformed in under 30 minutes, and the hotel was able to continue renovations without disturbing guests.
The Morning Call - 11/18/2013
Mr. Spira, founder, chairman and director of research at Lutron, authored an op-ed about the life of John McKiernan, which focused on his contributions to the company, the community, and the industry.
Architectural Lighting - 11/12/2013
Lutron's Eric Lind was interviewed for the article, "In Control," which focused on how interfaces need to be more user friendly. Eric commented that "product designers must consider three factors when developing the physical interface: aesthetics, ergonomics, and intuition."
Illumination in Focus - 11/1/2013
This publication covered the Lutron lighting control retrofit in the AWeber Communications Headquarters. AWeber is a progressive company located in Chalfont, PA that wants its working environment to be comfortable, fun, green, and productive.
Electroindustry (NEMA publication) - 11/1/2013
What is daylight autonomy? "The concept of Daylight Autonomy is designing a space such that it maximizes the amount of useful daylight, thereby minimizing the need for electric light," said Lutron's Brent Protzman. In the article, Brent explains the "power of the sun" to readers.
tED: The Electrical Distributor - 11/1/2013
This article explain how Andy Wakefield of Lutron spoke at the Defense Energy Summit in Austin, Texas in November. Andy joined leaders from Eaton and GE Energy Storage on the panel to discuss how military preparedness can be bolstered through the adoption of existing concepts such as high performing buildings, microgrids and energy storage.
Military & Aerospace Engineer - 10/9/2013
Brendon VanCampen of Lutron was interviewed by this publication on energy and cost-saving solutions for the military.
Fox & Friends, The Fox News Channel - 9/30/2013
The Lutron Serena shade is featured in this "better sleep" segment. Tech expert Cassie Slane shows host Elisabeth Hasselbeck how to improve her sleep with products including Serena shades, a KingsDown bed, headphones, and pillows.
The Wall Street Journal - 8/18/2013
One of Lutron's DIY lighting control products, Maestro Wireless is rated "most reliable," in this feature article on home automation.
Professional Remodeler - 8/1/2013
The Lutron Coulisse Collection - a unique pairing of high-fashion fabric with innovative shading technology - is named one of the "101 Best New Products" by this publication.
tED: The Electrical Distributor - 8/1/2013
Lutron has won two tED magazine “Best of the Best” Awards' this year - one for social media presence, and one for the 2012 Lutron and Empire State Building press event.
TWICE - 7/17/2013
This website featured an article based on a study Lutron distributed in July on home lighting usage, including leaving lights on, who's blamed for it, and where lights are left on most frequently.
Dwell - 7/1/2013
Bryan Cranston, the star of the TV show Breaking Bad, is "going green" in his new beach home in Southern California using Lutron shades and HomeWorks QS.