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Energi Savr Node™ with Softswitch®

A simple, programmable, smart module that controls all the lights and saves energy in a commercial space. Energi Savr Node can be used to switch third party ballasts and other non-dim loads, and connect wired and wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors, and wallstations to manage light in a variety of spaces. Ideal for retrofits and new construction, each module can be installed locally, without connecting to a central panel.

What's New

QS Timeclock

The QS Timeclock is an astronomic timeclock that provides automatic control of lights and shades from a single device on the QS link.

Pico® wired control

The wired control is an intuitive control that works with Lutron systems to save energy and increase occupant comfort and productivity. This low-cost Pico wired control is available globally in two and three button configurations.
Energy Savings