Post-Occupancy Services
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Post-Occupancy Services

Over its lifecycle, every building will experience space churn, changes in building use, and even changes to the external environment such as maturing trees or new buildings that affect the landscape. To keep the building performing at optimal levels, the lighting control system needs to evolve as well. Lutron Post-Occupancy Services ensure that Lutron Service Representatives can play an active role in ongoing programming and maintenance of the lighting control system, or provide training that will empower you building staff to perform the required programming and maintenance.

Our Post-Occupancy Services include:

Customer-Site Solution Training
Over time, buildings change. Lutron provides training services that the facility staff needs inorder to adapt the lighting control system to the changes in the building. Training can becustomized for the needs of the participants, but it most often covers system operation,reprogramming, and maintenance.

Lutron-Site Solution Seminars
The Lutron-Site Solution Seminar is a multi-day, in-depth training session on a Lutron campus for end users who own and operate a GRAFIK 7000TM or Quantum lighting control system.

System Optimization Service
The System Optimization Service is an onsite, consultative visit to identify and implement Lutron lighting control adjustments, and to explore lighting strategies that can save additional energy and create a more productive work environment.

Onsite Diagnostics
Onsite Diagnostics is a service option for investigating system abnormalities. A Lutron ServiceRepresentative will visit the site, troubleshoot to determine the root cause, and develop a plan to correct the issue.

Remote Diagnostics
This service offers a lower-cost option for investigating system abnormalities. The service isprovided by a remote Lutron Service Technician via an Internet connection or over the telephone.

Onsite Programming
Onsite Programming enables adjustments to the Lutron lighting control system to account forchanges such as space churn, special events, and occupancy and daylight settings. A Lutron Service Representative will visit the site to make the changes.

Remote Programming
Remote Programming is a lower-cost service option to make programming adjustments to theLutron lighting and/or shades control system to account for changes such as space churn and occupancy settings. The service is provided by a remote Lutron Service Technician via an Internet connection or over the telephone.

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