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Product Specification Submittals

Search all of the Lutron product specification submittals. To find a specific submittal, please use the drop-down menus below.

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Control Interfaces
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
GRX-TVI 0-10 V interface100 – 277 V English (.pdf)
Dimmers & Switches
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
All models RF Maestro Dimmer120 V English (.pdf)
All models Wired Maestro Dimmer120 V English (.pdf)
All models Wired Maestro Dimmer with Neutral Wire120 V
HD-RD Maestro Accessory Dimmer120 V English (.pdf)
HD-RS Maestro Accessory Switch120 V
HRD-10ND RF Maestro Dimmer with Neutral Wire120 V
HRD-2ANF RF Maestro Fan Speed Control120 V
HRD-5NE RF ELV Maestro Dimmer120 V
HRT-3LD RF Lamp Dimmer120 V English (.pdf)
HWD-2ANF Wired Maestro Fan Speed Control120 V English (.pdf)
HWD-5NE Wired ELV Maestro Dimmer120 V
HWD-8ANS Wired Maestro Switch120 V
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
All models Architectural-style SeeTouch Keypads  English (.pdf)
All models RF Tabletop Keypads  English (.pdf)
All models Signature Series Keypads  English (.pdf)
All models Wired Keypads SeeTouch  English (.pdf)
Power Interfaces & Power Panels
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
HWI-H48 H48 Dimmer Interface120 V English (.pdf)
HWI-H48 H48 Dimmer Interface120 V Portuguese (.pdf)
HWI-H48 H48 Dimmer Interface120 V Spanish (.pdf)
HWI-H48 H48 Dimmer Interface120 V French (.pdf)
HWI-LV17-120 17-inch Low-Volatge Enclosure120 V French (.pdf)
HWI-LV17-120 17-inch Low-Voltage Enclosure120 V English (.pdf)
HWI-LV17-120 17-inch Low-Voltage Enclosure120 V Spanish (.pdf)
HWI-LV17-120 17-inch Low-Voltage Enclosure120 V Portuguese (.pdf)
HWI-WPM-6D-120V Wallbox Power Module120 V English (.pdf)
PHPM-SW-DV-WH Switching Power Module120 V – 277 V English (.pdf)
Service and Warranty
Model NumberModelProduct DescriptionVoltageDownload(s)
All models 1-year Warranty  English (.pdf)
All models Warranty Contact List  English (.pdf)
LSC-B2, LSC-E8S, LSC-E8G, LSC-E8P Commercial Warranty Options  English (.pdf)
For more information, please submit a request for product literature, or contact a Customer service representative. You can also call us at +1.888.LUTRON1 (588.7661).

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