Global Project Solutions

Lutron GPS Global Project Solutions

As the world gets smaller, your job requirements are getting bigger.  You are constantly working on projects involving players from several  continents. There are more details to attend to, more variables to  consider, and more stakeholders to work with across space and time.

The Lutron GPS team will help you manage any project by working with everyone on the design team, (architect, interior designer, consulting specifying engineer, lighting designer, LEED consultant, sustainability expert, contractor/installer, owner) no matter where they are located. We can also work closely with equipment and service providers of building management systems, IT infrastructure, audio visual systems, and more. 


Global Solutions Quick Start

Getting ready to start your project? Here are three options to get started quickly:
  1. Find the voltage for the country where your project is based with our quick country voltage guide.
  2. If you know the voltage for the country where your project is based, you can go directly to a listing of products available by voltage.
  3. Find a global office and contact a GPS Team representative directly.


Cultural and Geograhical Challenges

  • Language barriers
  • Working across time zones
  • Varying environmental/climate conditions
  • Metric measurements vs English measurements.
  • Local standards and codes

Technical Challenges

  • Different local light fittings/fixtures
  • Varying voltages, frequencies, wiring methods, and electrical backbox form factors
  • Unfamiliar manufacturers of light fittings/fixtures, wiring devices, A/V equipment, building management systems, thermostats, and other equipment when trying to Integrate Systems.

Global Consistency Requirement from Clients

  • Demand for consistent experience around the world
  • LEED and other “green” standards

The Lutron GPS team supports you in virtually every country and region in the world. Whether in New York, London, Dubai, Mexico City, Singapore, you can be confident the Lutron GPS team is there to help you deliver the best light control solution for every project, from start to finish.