On-site Services

For more information, please choose from the list of specific on-site services below. If you do not see the lighting system service that you are looking for, please contact your local Lutron office.

System optimization

Optimize your current Lutron system to get the best performance for your project. Learn more

System start-up

Start-up occurs upon completion of installation. Typically, an electrical contractor will contact Lutron for scheduling. We require at least 10 business days to schedule a system start-up. Schedule a visit


If your lighting preferences or needs for a space have changed, a Lutron Field Service Engineer can visit your site to reprogram the lighting to your requests. Learn more, read about our system optimization service.


If staff turnover leaves you without properly-trained employees, Lutron can help. When you reach a Scheduling Representative, mention your interest in system training. For a training agenda regarding your system, please contact your local Lutron office.

System repair

lf you have a system problem that you're unable to resolve with assistance from our Tech Support Representatives, you can contact your local Lutron office to request a visit by a Field Service Engineer to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Commissioning agent walkthrough

A commissioning agent walkthrough is intended for clients applying for LEED certification. During a walkthrough, a Lutron Field Service Engineer will demonstrate lighting system functionality for your commissioning agent. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our Field Service Engineers.

LEED documentation

Lutron can provide documentation to help facilitate the LEED certification process.  Contact your local Lutron office.