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Lutron Adds an Outdoor Smart Plug to its Caséta Smart Lighting Control System

Lutron expands the Caséta Family to offer smart control of outdoor devices from anywhere

Coopersburg, PA (Embargoed until 7:00 AM EST, January 11th, 2021) Caséta by Lutron, the industry’s most connected smart lighting control system, is taking smart control to a new level. Lutron Electronics, the global leader in lighting and shading controls, is announcing the addition of the Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug.

The outdoor smart plug is IP-65 rated, with best-in-class, solid core construction to protect the device’s inner electronics against the finest dust and heaviest rainfall. The outdoor smart plug is built to last and can withstand severe weather season after season.

Ideal for smart control of landscape and string lighting, holiday lights and inflatables, and some motors and pumps, the new Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug gives homeowners convenient control of their exterior lights via the free Lutron app. For example, a homeowner can set their patio string lights to come on 15 minutes before sunset, adding a touch of magic to the perfect summer evening with family or friends.

Of the new Caséta outdoor smart plug, Matt Swatsky, Lutron’s Vice-President of the Residential Mid-market Business, said, “It’s essentially weatherproof, dirtproof, and sunproof. A homeowner can now enjoy all the benefits of a Caséta system for their outside spaces.”

The outdoor smart plug offers convenient control options through voice command, the Lutron app, or the Pico remote control. It integrates with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Ring video doorbells and cameras. And it has a built-in smart timer, which means, unlike traditional timers, the outdoor smart plug stays on the right time year-round, even with Daylight Savings.

The addition of a Lutron Smart Bridge gives users the hub advantage of increased reliability and responsiveness. They can enjoy control from anywhere. Homeowners can put lights and other devices on a schedule to come on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, or create scenes that control multiple outdoor lights at the same time. In addition, the Smart Bridge delivers fast, reliable control that doesn’t slow down a home’s Wi-Fi.

Finally, homeowners can get an outdoor smart plug that just works year after year.
The Caséta Outdoor Smart Plug will be available late March online at major retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Home Depot and Lowe’s, as well as at electrical and A/V distributors. The suggested retail price is $79.95.

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Ring and Caséta now work together to help users take even more control of what happens around the house—right from the Lutron app. Homeowners can set Lutron-controlled lights to turn on when motion is detected outside, have their front door and entry lights turn on when someone rings their Ring Video Doorbell, or use advanced motion settings to welcome guests to their family home with just the right light as they approach the front door. Bringing more peace of mind, added convenience, and a welcoming environment for family and friends are all part of the alliance between Lutron and Ring.

New Feature for Caséta Smart Motion Sensors
The smart motion sensor, already capable of setting various timeouts and sensitivity levels, can now be set to trigger the lights on/off at any time of day. The sensor can be configured through the app to determine the period of activity, what happens to each light, and what time periods sensors can be auto triggered on or off. In addition to these new settings, users can adjust time out periods and sensitivity settings on the device itself. This new feature is available to all Caséta customers in the latest Lutron app update.

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Motors and pumps up to ½ hp.
Smart Bridge required for smart control.
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