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New Pricing Model Makes It Easier to Deliver the Performance Benefits of a Lutron Digital LED Solution

Introducing a new OEM pricing model for Lutron EcoSystem and T-Series digital LED drivers. Now, design for consistent, superior performance and lower labor costs with no budgetary uncertainty.

Coopersburg, PA (May 5, 2021) - Today, Lutron announces a new pricing model for their digital LED drivers used on commercial projects. The new pricing structure ensures cost-competitive quotes on fixtures equipped with Lutron EcoSystem and T-Series drivers. Engineers and lighting designers can now specify complete Lutron digital LED solutions – controls + drivers + fixtures – with the confidence they are offering a high-performance, flexible solution within budget, and with no uncertainty.

Lutron digital LED drivers are now priced as part of the control system package, and the fixture manufacturer pays only a nominal fee – less than $10 for a static white LED driver, and less than $15 for a tunable white LED driver. This pricing ensures that the benefits of Tunable White and/or digital fixture control can be designed into a project without significant markups to the base lighting package.

With the new pricing model, a Lutron digital fixture package price is anticipated to be comparable to (at or below) the dimmable 0-10V fixture package price. The final result is a substantially lower net-contractor cost for lighting and controls on an EcoSystem project, and greater pricing transparency as the majority of the price of the driver moves visibly into the control system bid.

Specifiers can take control of their projects and be confident in their ability to provide the benefits of Lutron digital and tunable white solutions to their clients while meeting budget. For projects that incorporate multiple fixture types and manufacturers, and where maintaining consistent light quality is essential, engineers and lighting designers can now confidently offer EcoSystem as the lighting solution best for the project and in line with the budget.

As part of the complete project lighting package including fixtures, controls, and labor a digital Lutron solution can be priced comparably to a non-digital solution – but with significant advantages:
  • Lutron digital drivers deliver consistent performance and guaranteed compatibility across all fixtures, and on every job.
  • Lutron solutions are backed by its unparalleled reliability and service guarantee. Specifying EcoSystem-enabled fixtures eliminates risk from project design.
  • Labor costs are much lower with a digital system – all fixtures are wired on a digital control link resulting in faster installation and less material.
  • A digital system is flexible and future-proof – EcoSystem-enabled fixtures are individually addressable via simple, app-based software. Changes to fixture setting, zones, or scenes are all done in the software – no rewiring necessary.
  • A Lutron digital solution enables new LED technologies, such as tunable white, to deliver premier, human-centric lighting performance in the fixture of your choice.

“Lutron customers expect the highest performance from their lighting systems. We are introducing this new pricing model in response to persistent feedback from the market. The new model ensures consistent driver pricing so specifiers have more control of their projects and can meet both their design vision and budget. The model removes budgetary uncertainty, and that’s good for the specifier and the client,” said Brian Donlon, Lutron Electronics, Vice President – General Manager, Commercial Sales and Service.

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