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Lutron Announces the Launch of New Roman Shade Offering

First of its kind, wire-free shading solution allows design professionals and custom home integrators greater flexibility when specifying Roman shades for homeowners

Denver, CO, EST, Tuesday, Sep 7, 2023 - Lutron Electronics, the trusted leader in architectural lighting, motorized window shades and lighting control systems, is announcing the launch of a new Roman Shade offering at the Custom Electronics Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) Expo, with new products now available to specify, and available to ship in late 2023. The expanded Roman offering will bring even greater flexibility to Lutron’s industry-leading shade portfolio with a new, battery operated Lutron Triathlon Roman Fabrication Kit and fabrication guide. Thanks to its wire-free installation and the ability to specify nearly any fabric, the new Triathlon Roman Shades will provide a versatile solution that can integrate reliable automation at any point in the design process.

Lutron has spent over a decade establishing expertise in battery-powered window treatments and has achieved industry-leading battery life of three to five years. Now, Lutron is applying this expertise to Roman shades, creating a first-of-its-kind modular system that supports a range of fabric weights while maintaining its battery life - one of the first to do so without sacrificing battery longevity or fabric options.

“Particularly as a growing number of homeowners focus on renovating existing spaces rather than building homes, Lutron wanted to find new ways to support motorized shade solutions,” says Sheng Qu, Product Manager at Lutron. “With the introduction of our wire-free Triathlon Roman Shade Kit, design professionals will be able to specify beautiful, customized, automated Roman shades. As Roman shades in particular support custom fabric selections, we want to eliminate barriers for custom home integrators in bringing designers’ visions to life and will continue to build our portfolio to make it easier than ever to bring motorization to every project, at any stage.”

The Triathlon Roman Shades support automated control of daylight and the ability to be integrated within Lutron’s whole-home systems, or leading third-party integration systems. The fabrication kit will include a custom-configured tube and bracket assembly, refreshed electronic drive unit, workroom configurable add-on spring modules, and an attachment system to accommodate lift and uptake mechanisms provided by a workroom. Like all Lutron shade offerings, the Triathlon Roman Shades will offer smooth, whisper-quiet privacy and UV protection at the touch of a button, with the reliability that Lutron has built its reputation on.

“From a designer’s perspective, it’s invaluable to have such a versatile, reliable solution in Lutron’s new Triathalon Roman Fabrication Kit,” says interior designer Young Huh. “If we aren’t brought in during the build-out stage, it can be tricky to specify automated shades later in the design process. The fact that this new offering supports not only that but custom fabric options to help bring our vision to life will make all the difference. Roman shades are one of my favorite design elements to elevate an interior – it helps soften a space and is a great way to add an extra layer of color and pattern.”

To help make automation easier than ever, Lutron will also launch a suite of resources to support its expanded Roman Shade platform, which will include:

  • A Fabrication Guide, to support all use-cases of the new shade and to empower designers to partner with their workroom of choice, regardless of familiarity with the product.
  • A Sivoia QS Roman Kit Enhancement with cord attachment accessories.
  • Dedicated trainings and support for custom home integrators and workroom partners in particular, to support fabrication inquiries.

You can find Lutron’s Triathlon Roman Fabrication Kit online here, and hi-res imagery is available for download here.

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