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California Title 24 2016 - Commercial

California was among the first states to adopt building standards as a way to regulate energy consumption, in the form of Title 24.

Since its inception, the scope of this code's standards has increased. The latest version of these standards, Title 24 2016, will be effective on January 1, 2017, and apply to all newly constructed or altered buildings.

Lutron offers a number of solutions to help comply with the new standards' lighting control requirements. From stand-alone vacancy sensors to an entire building control system, Lutron has a solution for any size project and budget.

Lighting Control Requirements

Recommended Lutron Solutions are representative of the component which will helpto meet each of the individual requirements and may not signify the entire controlsolution. For complete control solution information by application, please view the Title 24 2016 Application Guide.

Area Control

Each area enclosed by ceiling-height partitions must have an accessible independent switching or control device (such as a manual switch or dimmer) to control the general lighting.


Automatic Shut-off

All indoor lighting systems must include a separate shut-off control, such as an occupancy/vacancy sensor or timeclock.


Automatic Partial-off

Lighting in enclosed stairwells and corridors shall have one or more control devices to automatically reduce lighting power by at least 50% within 20 minutes of vacancy.


Daylight Zone Control (Automatic)

Areas in daylight zones shall have automatic control for the general lighting based on the daylight in the space. Typically, a daylight sensor and dimming ballasts / drivers that control at least 50% of the general lighting power meet this requirement. Switched daylight control also complies with code, but is more disruptive to occupants.


Lutron Solutions

Radio Powr savr wireless daylight sensor
Wired daylight sensor

Demand Response

Buildings larger than 10,000 square feet shall be capable of automatically reducing lighting power by at least 15%, excluding spaces with a lighting power density of 0.5 watts per square foot.


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Exterior Control

Permanently installed outdoor lighting must be controlled by a daylight sensor or astronomical timeclock that automatically turns off the lighting during daylight hours.


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Functional Testing

Prior to inspection, lighting controls must be tested to ensure that they are workingproperly. Lutron field service has Certified Lighting Control Acceptance TestingTechnicians on staff to perform this functional testing.


Lutron Solutions

Lutron Services Co.

Guestroom Lighting Control (Automatic)

Guestrooms must be capable of automatically turning off all installed lighting when the room is vacant.


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Multi-level Lighting Controls

Most spaces require dimming or at least 5 lighting levels, including ON and OFF.


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Automatic Receptacle Control

Half of the receptacles in certain spaces must be automatically controlled with an occupancy/vacancy sensor or timeclock.