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Lighting Control Institute

ILT 754 - Facility Manager Training - Quantum Generation 1 Advanced

4 Days
Location: Coopersburg, PA
Cost: $1400

This advanced 4-day course is designed for Facility Managers that use Quantum Versions 1.5 through 2.6. This seminar is an intensive training targeted at the facility manager that already has an understanding of the Quantum Software Suite and the Quantum Total Light Management System. This course will discuss: system hardware and software products, associated QS peripheral devices, dimming ballasts/LED drivers, wired/wireless controls and sensor products. Facility managers will receive extensive training on Quantum Q-Admin and Quantum Q-Design software. This course will go into high-level topics such as: Basic Networking, Basic Network Troubleshooting with Wireshark, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, QS Link Troubleshooting, QS Firmware upgrading, using Telnet to extract processor logs, and advanced Hyperion configuration. Acceptance into this seminar is contingent on approval from the Lutron Services Company. While FMT Quantum 101 is not a required prerequisite, it is strongly recommended due to the overall content and pace of this course.

*Please check your Quantum desktop icon for software version number The first two numbers are relevant: Ex. Quantum 2.5.XXX

Who Should Attend?
Facility Managers who operate a Quantum system within their facility and are already familiar with its basic functionality. This course is designed for Facility Managers that use Quantum Versions 1.5 through 2.6.

This Course Will Help You…
  • Practice using the Quantum software packages to monitor & control the lighting control system, manipulate (compile, transfer, and back-up) data, and create reports.
  • Translate the technical details of EcoSystem ballasts, Quantum hubs, QS devices (including shades), and Quantum software into strategies that optimize the performance of a large, commercial facility.


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