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Leading Service Providers in your area are listed below. Leading Providers have achieved high levels of Lutron sales and therefore often have skill and experience exceeding other providers.
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Services Offered
  • In-Home Consultation
  • In-Store Display
  • System Design and Install
  • HomeWorks Qualified
  • Lutron Shading Solutions
  • Palladiom Shades
  • RadioRA 2 Qualified
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  • Florida Residential & Commercial Experience Center
  • 101 NW 100th Avenue
  • Plantation, FL
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Florida Residential & Commercial Experience Center
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This online directory lists independent companies who sell or install Lutron products but who are not Lutron agents or affiliates. Lutron makes no warranties or representations as to, and is not responsible for, the installation work or other obligations of independent distributors, dealers and installers, nor does Lutron endorse any listed company. Purchasers should ask appropriate questions and request references before entering a contract with any party.

Employees of companies listed above may have attended various Lutron product trainings that cover the selling, design, installation, programming, and servicing of those Lutron products.
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