Energi Savr Node Solutions

Energi Savr Node is a lighting and shade control solution designed for commercial applications, such as office spaces and K-12/university classrooms. Comprised of programmable modules, wall controls, and environmental sensors these components work together to save energy and improve occupancy comfort and productivity.

This solution is ideal for retrofits and new construction projects. Each module can be installed locally, eliminating the need to run control wires to a centralized panel. Furthermore, the ability to utilize wireless sensors and controls allow for the simple addition of energy strategies, like occupancy/vacancy sensing and daylight harvesting.

What's New

T-Series 2-Channel Tunable White LED Driver and Energi Savr Node Controller

T-Series is an easy to specify tunable white solution because it packages the LED driver with the T-Series Energi Savr Node controller. Lutron works with 350+ OEMs to ensure that T-Series is available in a wide array of fixtures, giving the specifier ultimate flexibility when designing for Human Centric Lighting applications.
Learn more about T-Series 2-Channel Tunable White LED Driver.

20 A Energi Savr Node with SoftSwitch

The newest addition to the Energi Savr Node module family allows for the control of up to four 20 A receptacle or lighting (120 V/277 V) circuits from the same module with no additional equipment required. 0-10V model option also available for applications requiring receptacle control and 0-10V dimming of lighting loads.

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