Residential Solutions

Integration & Connectivity

We’re committed to bringing our customers best-in-class products and solutions that deliver superior performance, with world-class service and support. Our team of product experts works to ensure that everything from system design and integration, to installation, works the first time and every time you use our products.


Integration Partners

Our products work with different types of smart home solutions, including voice control, thermostats, A/V and security systems. As a qualified systems integrator, knowing what products work best together is part of the value you deliver to your clients. We want you to have the confidence of knowing our systems are designed to work well in any integrated system, and can provide tools to assist with the process.
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Connectivity with Clear Connect RF Technology

Our highly reliable RF technology ensures seamless communication between our system components. Lutron RF products and systems operate on a quiet frequency band that is essentially free of interference, so your system won't be affected by a neighboring one. A dedicated network ensures communication between system devices is reliably delivered and group commands ensure a smooth, simultaneous system response.

Clear Connect is part of all Lutron systems, including :
Caséta Wireless
Radio Powr Savr sensors
Sivoia QS Wireless
RA2 Select
RadioRA 2
Download the Clear Connect RF Technology white paper