System Optimization

Realize your Lutron light control system's full potential.

The System Optimization service from Lutron can help you identify important light control adjustments to save additional energy and create a more productive work environment.

Although the specific focus of each visit can vary by facility and system type, there are several key tasks that can be completed:

  • Calibrate or add occupancy sensors
  • Adjust lighting scenes
  • Enable personal control
  • Reprogram button functions
  • Enable or update timeclock schedules
  • Limit full-bright settings
  • Create or update after-hours mode
  • Incorporate more efficient ballasts
  • Train employees to adjust lighting

A system optimization visit can pay for itself in less than 1 year by capitalizing on existing features and by adding minimal (or no) new hardware. To learn more, e-mail us at

System Optimization Guide