Replacement System & Upgrades FAQs

Lutron has collected the following list of frequently asked questions regarding system upgrades and replacements. If you have a question that is not answered below, please contact a Replacement Systems Specialist.

Who do I contact at Lutron to get started?

Contact a Replacement Systems Specialist to discuss your lighting control needs. From the information you provide, we will develop options and lay out a plan to meet your budget and time schedules.

Will replacing my system save energy in my building?

All Lutron lighting control systems, when configured properly, can help save energy. Contact a Replacement Systems Specialist to discuss your energy-saving goals and which systems are right for your project.

Can I get new features without changing hardware?

Depending on the system, it may be possible to add new features or functionality to the existing system without changing hardware.

I have several systems at my facility. Can I combine them for control from a central location?

Depending on the system types, it may be possible to integrate multiple systems into a central system. Contact a Replacement Systems Specialist to discuss the solutions available.

How long will this process take? Can you meet my deadline?

Timeframes are based upon several factors including the current state of the project and the replacement or upgrade chosen.

I want to keep my building operating during the replacement process. Is that possible?

Circumstances differ with each system and owner. Lutron often schedules installations during nights and weekends. We will work with you to either eliminate or minimize the installation's impact to building operations.

l have a limited budget. Can I still upgrade/replace my system?

Given our vast product offerings, we have many options for upgrading or replacing your system within budget constraints. Many Lutron systems can be upgraded or replaced in phases, dividing costs over a longer period of time.

Can I change my system without changing the wiring?

lf the existing system utilizes digital wiring, it may be possible to retain the original wiring. If the existing wiring is analog, it may need to be changed to digital cable. We will work with you to determine and meet your wiring needs.

Where can I find my Lutron job / project number?

You can find this 5- or 6-digit number, also referred to as the "Lutron project number," on the front of any dimming panel (labeled as "J/N #"), on the As-Built drawings, or on system submittals.

lf your system was manufactured prior to 1992, the panel label will have a "Pre-System #" or "Serial #" which is formatted as 012-#### or 014-####.

I don't have a Lutron system. Can I replace another manufacturer's system with one of yours?

By reviewing your exisiting system plans, if available, we can determine your options for replacing another manufacturer's systems. 

Would new wall controls fit in my existing backboxes?

Yes.  Lutron offers adapator plates will allow new controls to fit into non-standard backboxes.