LOS W Series Occupancy Sensor
The LOS W Series wall mount occupancy sensors are used in spaces with pendant fixtures, ceiling fans, or high ceilings. The passive infrared (PIR) version is well suited for major motion. The dual-technology versions detects minor motion via ultrasonic (US) technology to ensure optimal power savings and occupancy detection.

LOS Wall Occupancy Sensor


The LOS wall mount sensors all have self-adaptive technology that eliminates the need for manual range adjustment. After proper mounting, the sensors automatically adjust sensitivity and timing to prevent false-off and false-on conditions.
Models with an additional dry contact closure are also available. These models can control other building systems such as HVAC or security systems.
  • Range of 1600 ft² if mounted at 8–12 ft from floor
  • 8-second test mode to easily confirm proper operation
  • Model with additional output (dry contact closure) available
  • Non-volatile memory (saved changes are stored during loss of power)
  • Integrate with Lutron systems (no power pack needed) or function as stand-alone controls using a Lutron power pack
  • 20-24 VDC, Class 2 (PELV) low-voltage wiring
  • Self-adaptive sensors automatically adjust sensitivity and timing
  • Passive infrared (PIR), or dual-technology (PIR and US)

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