Alena Pull-To-Start Motorized Drapery Track

Alena pull-to-start drapery track system puts control in your guests’ hands. With either a button press or a gentle tug, your guests will enjoy control of this simple and intuitive motorized drapery solution.

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What is Alena?

Alena is a high-quality and cost-effective pull-to-start motorized drapery track system designed for the hospitality market. Whether standing at the window or resting in bed, operation of an Alena system is easy, allowing for motorized operation with or without controls

With one button press on a keypad, the drapery can be opened, closed, or stopped midway to provide the desired amount of daylight and/or privacy. In addition, a gentle tug of the drapery fabric will trigger the drapery track’s motor, causing the fabric panels to automatically move along the track in that direction with no damage to the fabric or track system.

Alena is available in three system options:
  • Alena
  • Alena QS Wireless
  • Alena QS

    Alena Pull-to-Start Drapery Sell Sheet

    System Features

    Alena has the same ultra-quiet drive and smooth performance that are hallmarks of all Lutron shading system products. Installed easily as a plug-and play solution, using your own pinch pleat style draperies, the pull-to-start drapery solution requires no programming prior to use.

    Pleat Style

    Pinch Pleat

    Pinch pleat style is named for the pleated look created by pinched gatherings of the fabric at the top of the drapery. Pins on the back of the drapery are simply looped through the carriers on the track when installed. For the best system performance, a drapery hook setting of ½ in. from the top of the drapery should be used. Maximum system capacity of 105 lbs (47.6 kg).

    Draw Styles

    The draw style of your drapery is the direction in which the draperies open. The draw style determines where the stack back of the drapery will lay. Consider your application carefully when selecting a draw style.

    Right Draw
    The drive is located on the right-hand side, and the carrier opens drapery from the left toward the right. Fabric stacks to the right of the window (Drive remains hidden behind the stack back.)

    Left Draw
    The drive is located on the left-hand side, and the carrier opens drapery from the right toward the left. Fabric stacks to the left of the window. (Drive remains hidden behind the stack back.)

    Center Draw
    One drive uses two carriers to open the draperies from the center to the left and right simultaneously. Fabric stacks to both sides of the window. (Drive can be located on the left or right, right side shown, while remaining hidden behind the stack back.)

    Track Options

    Straight Track
      The straight track system is available in the following configurations:
    • Single track
    • Right draw, left draw, or center draw
    • Standard single track with lengths up to 16.4 ft (5 m)

    Manual Open

    The Alena drapery track systems all offer pull-to-start manual activation When an occupant pulls on the drapery panel, the drive will take over and move the panel automatically to the Open and Close position.
    When using a keypad or remote control, the drapery will function as a motorized window treatment.