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New LED Driver Selection Tool

Lutron offers many different LED driver models and these product families continue to grow with additional features and higher performance dimming. To make it simple and easy to choose the right Lutron LED driver model for your LED light source and application, Lutron has improved our popular LED Driver Selection tool.

By simply selecting whether your LED driver should be constant current vs. constant voltage and then providing basic voltage and current information about the LED light source to be controlled, the tool will provide you with a complete, up-to-date list of Lutron LED drivers able to control that LED light source. By using additional filters such as dimming control protocol and dimming performance range, you can then narrow down the list to ensure that the Lutron LED driver will meet your specific fixture and project applications. Search results can be printed, downloaded or emailed. Results can also be used to link to and view a product specification submittal or to place a Lutron LED driver sample order.

Already know which Lutron LED driver model number you want, but need additional information quickly? Simply enter the model number into the search box to link to and view the most current specification submittal for that Lutron LED driver.