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Case study: One Whitehall Place

London’s most sophisticated new conference center, One Whitehall Place, features a light control system that integrates with other systems to complement the various functions that occur in the space, all while enhancing the classical architecture of the century-old building. Control is provided by a Lutron PC-based preset light control system.

Home of the National Liberal Club, One Whitehall Place has been transformed into one of London’s most premiere meeting spaces and conference centers closely situated to London’s Downing Street and Trafalgar Square. Built on the edge of the Thames in 1887 by Alfred Waterhouse in Italian Classic style, the building was lighted by approximately 850 incandescent lamps, most hanging individually from the ceiling in cut glass globes. Upon its completion, the building was considered a unique instance of a large installation in which every single lamp is controlled by a separate fusible cut-out. Today, each lamp can be dimmed, creating an even distribution of light throughout the magnificent structure.

British heritage in today’s Westminster demands extremely high standards of restoration. Since the building is Grade 1 listed, renovations could not include recessed lighting or other modern fixtures and controls. Any added light controls, fixtures, and accessories needed to be hidden so the building would be restored to its original look.
One Whitehall Place Meeting Room

Restorations employed removable ornate roses in the ceiling to hide lighting sockets and faux bookshelves and books to hide light controls, receptacles and sound equipment.
One Whitehall Place Dining Table
The Gladstone Library, the hotel’s multi-purpose room, has several scenes operated by the Lutron light control system, including Conferencing Setting, Ballroom Setting, Receptions, and Dining. In addition to the changing lighting scenes, the carpet can be rolled back for added use of the wood floor for balls and receptions.

There also is an all-lights on function for cleaning the space. The room can be transformed quickly, a cost effective way for the hotel to continuously utilize an expensive space.

The hotel needed complete blackouts for A/V presentations and other events, but the room’s drapes are purely ornamental. Lutron engineers worked with LT Projects to design Serena window shades to fit even the tallest window at 18 feet (5.5 meters) and integrated the shades into the overall control system.
One Whitehall Place Dining Hall

As the lighting scenes change to fit the various functions of the rooms, so do the window shades. Every Christmas, a preset lighting scene lowers the shades and dims the lights for a traditional feast that includes flambé pudding, to the delight of invited guests.

Integration of the Lutron Serena motorized shades and preset controls and proven reliability were key in choosing Lutron for the job. Not only is the client satisfied with the results, but banquet managers and other end users are delighted as their day-to-day needs are met no matter what functions occur in the space. Whether providing plush, comfortable surroundings for tourists, local organizations, or business people, One Whitehall Place is a testament to modernizing without compromising classical design and grandeur.

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