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Convention Centers

The lighting needs of modern convention centers are complex and varied. Grand energy saving challenges are often coupled with the need to maintain and enhance an existing aesthetic. There’s also an increasing focus on green practices and a push towards achieving LEED certification. In all of these situations, Lutron can tailor a solution to these particular needs, effectively merging form, function, and convenience, maximizing each user’s overall illumination and energy savings.

Flexible Control for Large Applications

The Orange County Convention Center is the second largest of its kind in the United States. The OCCC provides 2.1 million square feet of exhibition space, and roughly 4.9 million additional square feet utilized for lobbies, support space and meeting rooms. Due to the massive scale of the convention center, the Lutron GRAFIK 7000 light control system was selected so the Center could implement configuration changes quickly and with ease either within the building or remotely.

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Because of the flexibility created by automated partitions throughout the structure’s vast space, specialized control was a necessity. The lighting is configurable through the Center’s 10 exhibit halls, allowing the facility to easily customize its space for more intimate events like lectures, graduations, and pageants, which frequently occur at the same time.

Maintaining Elegance

One Whitehall Place in London presented the challenge of merging beautiful Victorian architecture and design with the contemporary lighting needs of a 21st century convention center. Through Lutron systems, period-style fixture design was not compromised by the integration of contemporary light controls, which allow for cutting-edge command and flexibility throughout this cherished 19th century venue.

21st Century Solutions

San Francisco is a city that values its architectural heritage while embracing the modern drive towards greater implementation of environmentally sustainable practices. When renovating the 150,000 square foot meeting space, Bently Reserve chose Lutron not only to create the ideal ambiance for their clients, but also to help towards attaining LEED certification points.

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Lutron accomplished both of these goals by introducing four state-of-the-art solutions including EcoSystem lighting controls, GRAFIK Eye pre-set controls, Sivoia QED shading system, and Quantum total light management solution. Through the careful balance of 4 fully integrated systems, Lutron enabled Bently Reserve to maintain the buildings heritage while bringing it up to speed with present day eco-standards. With flexibility, energy savings, and ease of integration, Lutron light control systems are capable of meeting the needs of any conference center with style and efficiency.
Quantum A total light management system allows central monitoring of an entire building, allowing for considerable energy savings and optimal performance.
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