Commercial Applications


Light control is one of the major elements in the operation of theaters. As cinema and stage design increases in complexity, so do their light control systems. Lutron, the leader of light management, can deliver the technological edge necessary for stage and screen, while retaining the traditional amenities a discerning audience expects.

Projector & Lighting Integration

The primary concern of a movie theater is integration. Light levels for convenient seating, previews, and the main attraction must work seamlessly with the theater's projector. Lutron systems easily integrate with projection systems, giving your audience the ideal cinematic experience.

Theaters can experience “cross talk” between the projector and light control. Poor interaction between projector and lighting translates to a poor interaction between theater and audience. Lutron patented RTISS technology (PDF) resolves this major issue, and lets an audience enjoy the show undisturbed.

Cinemark theaters used RTISS technology while integrating the
GRAFIK Eye 4000 light control system (using Hi-lume and Eco-10 fluorescent ballasts) with its projectors.

Lighting Live Performances

The performing stage clearly defines lighting's balance between the artistic and the functional. Plays, lectures, workshops, and conferences set tones and themes with the lighting available. Having a flexible, easy-to-use system lends poignancy and convenience to whatever event is scheduled.

light control wallstation for theaters
Montgomery College Theatre Arts Building installed the Lutron LCP128 system to fully realize the versatility and functionality of the space. A building that once had only switched lighting was equipped with a light control system that could provide any environment a production deemed necessary.


Easy Installation, Reduced Maintenance

Lutron dimmers also offer easy installation. The light controls used by Cinemark were installed and programmed by the theater's technicians. Calibration and outside contractors were not needed, which cut costs significantly. Maintenance costs are also lowered due to the longer life of commercial grade components.

Ultimately, Lutron solutions elevate the experience of your audience with luxurious atmospheres quickly created by efficient and precise controls.

GRAFIK 7000 Scalable light control for multiple spaces with various needs and complexities.
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