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Wireless simplifies installation

70% faster installation

With Vive wireless products, similar to Energi TriPak, you can install a switch and sensor in as little as 15 minutes. And since no new wiring is required, you won't disrupt occupants in the space.

Simple setup and programming options with the Vive wireless hub

Mobile phone setup
Using Vive software on any compatible smart device you can wirelessly connect system controls and program system settings—no ladder required. Lutron’s patent pending RF signal strength detection automatically finds nearby devices making job setup faster.

Mobile phone setup

Setup and programming options without the Vive wireless hub

Push button setup
Use simple button-press programming to select and associate wireless devices - it's as easy as setting a station on your car radio.

Push button setup

Flexible hardware

Vive Wireless Hub Wireless Load Controller Wireless Sensor
Vive Wireless Hub
Wireless Load Controller
Wireless Sensor

Wireless Remote Control
Wireless Remote Control