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Maintain and use your Vive system easily


Maximize productivity and building performance
Vive wireless solutions allow you to easily monitor, adjust, and manage your system from any smart device. Easily adjust the lighting control to accommodate building churn, improve occupant comfort, enhanced energy-efficiency. With simple integration, you can connect with other building systems using BACnet protocol at the time of initial installation,or whenever you expand the system.

Maximize productivity and building performance

The BACnet/IP protocol is the primary means of integration. BACnet is embedded or native in the Vive hub, which means no external interfaces or gateways are required in order to communicate with other systems.


With simple to use, intuitive software, the ability to save energy and improve building performance is at your fingertips.

Energy Reporting, Schedules, Load Shed

Energy Reporting
Quickly view and display,
energy usage information to drive decision making and demonstrate savings.
Use a simple weekly calendar to automatically adjust lights based on time of day.
Load Shed
Easily set lighting reduction levels that automatically respond during peak electricity usage time.


Scalable solutions - Start small and grow
Vive wireless solutions offer a completely wireless, multi-strategy approach, that accommodates your budget and performance needs now and for the future of your building.

Single Office Space, Single Floor, Multiple Floors, Entire Building

Single Office Space
Start by adding control in a single space as budgets and occupant schedules allow.
Single Floor

Expand to new areas or an entire floor at any time without reprogramming or replacing equipment.
Multiple Floors

Duplicate the success of one floor across other floors as your business expands or tenants change. Control can be independent on each floor, or linked via Vive wireless hubs.
Entire Building

Vive offers seamless integration to other building management systems to control every light in your building.

Vive Hub Firmware

Vive Hub Firmware Software

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