QS Sensor Module with RF Technology

The QS Sensor Module integrates Lutron wireless sensors and controls with Lutron light and shade control systems through the QS communication link. Easily install to save time, energy and comply with codes.

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  • Uses Clear Connect Radio Frequency (RF) Technology for communication with wireless occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight sensors, and wireless controllers
  • Powered by the QS communication link—no line voltage connections are required
  • Has an RF Range of 60 ft (18 m) line of sight, or 30 ft (9 m) through walls
  • Contains 10-year power failure memory; restores settings and programming after power interruption
  • Connect to and power up to 4 wired sensors and controls

This product uses Clear Connect Technology. Learn more

Mounting Options

  • Install the QS Sensor Module to the ceiling and is visible from inside the space to guarantee wireless range