Fluorescent Ballasts

These fluorescent ballasts are engineered and manufactured by Lutron to deliver superior quality, performance, and reliability to the customer.

Lutron stopped selling ballasts at the end of 2023.
Lutron fluorescent ballasts have been discontinued and are no longer available, with very limited exceptions for only a short period. If you currently have fluorescent lamps, now is the time to upgrade. The Lutron Ballast Retrofit Kit by C-Flex is a simple way to upgrade at your own pace and budget. Kits provide compatible Lutron replacement drivers and LED lamps and enable you to keep your fixture, wiring and control system.

EcoSystem H-Series
The EcoSystem H-Series family offers cost-effective ballasts for high-performance dimming to 1% light. Designed to expand the market for energy saving light controls, the H-Series ballast offers superior capability, easy set up, and increased flexibility.
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EcoSystem ballasts are part of a best-in-class, digital lighting control system comprised of controls, sensors, and digitally addressable electronic dimming ballasts. EcoSystem solutions can deliver lighting energy savings up to 70%, improve comfort and productivity, and increase space flexibility.
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Hi-lume 3D
Hi-lume 3D offers less than 1% dimming efficiency compared to non-dim ballasts (up to 100 lumens per watt), and the ability to use both 3-wire and digital controls, Combine with EcoSystem controls for energy savings between 40 and 70%.
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Experience the performance benefits of 100% to 1% fluorescent dimming. Designed to meet demanding lighting requirements, Hi-lume ballasts help provide the ideal lighting environment for any application.
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Retrofit and small-space applications can benefit from the ease of installation offered by Lutron Tu-Wire dimming ballasts. Tu-Wire ballasts offer 100% to 5% dimming for linear and compact fluorescent lamps.
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Specifying Lutron ballasts is quick and easy

Find the ballasts that best suit your project. Our easy-to-use ballast selection tool allows you to specify lamp type, number of lamps, and voltage. For factory-tuned ballasts, utilize the custom ballast factor option for ballasts with EcoSystem controls including: Hi-lume 3D, EcoSystem, and EcoSystem H-Series.