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LED Product Selection Tool

This tool is designed for lighting professionals looking for detailed information on tested screw-in LEDs with Lutron dimming controls. Use it to find performance results (report cards) to help you choose the best solution for your application.

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C·L Compatibility Tool: LED and CFL bulbs that are compatible with Lutron C·L dimmers.
High-Performance Fixture List: fixtures available with Lutron LED drivers, eliminating the need to search the internet and review individual specification sheets.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between compatible and recommended bulbs?

You can dim compatible bulbs, although they may not meet the performance you're used to from an incandescent or halogen bulb. They have been electrically tested, they won’t affect the lifetime of our dimmers, and the dimmer may be used up to its full rated CFL/LED load. Compatible bulbs are listed on our Compatible CFL/LED bulb lists (see the links below).
Up to 150W C•L Dimmers Compatible CFL/LED Bulb List

Recommended products (bulbs, fixtures, and LED drivers) meet specified performance requirements, have been electrically tested, and have been jointly reviewed by the manufacturer and Lutron; however, they may not meet the performance you're used to from an incandescent or halogen bulb. You can find detailed performance results (report cards) in the above LED Product Selection Tool

What does it mean if a bulb is on a compatible list but doesn’t have a report card in the LED Product Selection Tool?

This means the bulb is compatible but does not meet our specific performance criteria to be recommended with a report card.

What should I do if my bulb does not appear on the LED Selection Tool or the C·L Compatibility Tool?

If your bulb isn’t included on a Lutron online resource, we unfortunately can’t recommend a dimming control to use. We suggest using an LED that’s listed on the above LED Product Selection Tool.

However, if you’re locked into using the LED bulbs you currently have, you might want to contact the LED manufacturer for their dimmer recommendation.

Please note that we test bulbs regularly and update the C·L Compatibility Tool, as well as the LED Product Selection Tool as necessary.

How do I get my product tested?

LED testing is a partnership between the LED manufacturer and Lutron. If you would like more information about our testing program, please email LEDS@lutron.com.

Having Issues?

Check out the LED Section on our Online Support Community.

Notice: Lighting control to lighting fixture interoperability is for reference purposes only. Review of Lutron product specifications and lamp/fixture specifications for electrical load capacity and consulting with appropriate trade and/or engineer professionals is recommended. Inclusion of fixtures is at the sole discretion of Lutron; Lutron provides no assurances that lighting fixtures submitted for evaluation will be included. Trademarks used with permission.