Technical Documentation & Support

Ganging & Derating

This page will help you determine how to derate your dimmer when mixing LEDs with incandescent or halogen bulbs.

Click on the ratings below of the dimmer you are installing for the proper table.

150W LED+ dimmers (Formerly C•L) (Diva, Ariadni, Caseta Wireless, Lumea, Maestro, Maestro Wireless, Skylark, Skylark Contour, Vive Maestro Wireless)

250W LED / 600W inc., hal. (Ariadni, Diva, Grafik T & reverse-phase Nova T dimmers)

250W LED / 1000W inc., hal. (Caseta Wireless & Nova T dimmers)

250W LED / 500W inc., hal. (reverse-phase Diva and reverse phase Skylark Contour dimmers)

If you are not mixing load types, please enter your model number into our Support Center to view the derating chart on the installation guide.