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Case study: AMP Incorporated

AMP Incorporated uses its Global Executive Conference Center for a variety of functions for top-level executives from all over the world. The GRAFIK Eye 3000 and GRAFIK Eye 4000 Series of preset light controls provide integration of various systems through the touch of one button. The entire project was specified using GRAFIK Eye Designer software.

The challenge:

Provide a flexible lighting control system to integrate various components and different systems, creating an adaptable space for presentations, films, teleconferencing, and general meetings. Due to the high visibility of the space, functionality and ease of use were key concerns in choosing a lighting control system.

AMP Auditorium

Project requirements:

  • Flexibility due to the multiple, 24-hour use of the space
  • Capability to integrate motorized shades, screens, A/V equipment, and other systems by touching one button
  • Functionality and ease of use for the variety of groups to use the area

AMP Exterior Lighting
AMP Incorporated, a world leader in the development and manufacturing of electronic/electrical interconnection devices, uses its Global Executive Conference Center in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as a meeting center for the company’s top corporate executives from all over the world. Lutron provided lighting control for 12 different conference rooms ranging from a four-person meeting room to an auditorium with space for 250.

"The Lutron system offered flexibility - a type of one-stop-shopping for us," said Tom Rineer, Director GRD Support and Service for AMP, "and allowed the variety of groups using the area to control screens, shades and A/V equipment easily with the touch of one button."

AMP’s global facility is a 24-hour operation, and the space needs to easily adapt to accommodate teleconferences during all times of the day and night. The "Future Room" is a conference space enclosed in glass. With the press of one button, the shades, lighting and other systems in the room adjust to a daylight, twilight or full darkness scene for teleconferencing with regions all over the world.

The Lutron GRAFIK Eye system allows for the integration of a variety of systems in the space, from skylight controls and AMX systems to motion detectors and partitioned spaces. The GRAFIK Eye system’s adaptability allows for the transformation of an auditorium from a theater to a boardroom depending on a group’s needs while at the same time providing for effective control of smaller spaces.

Robert Hinkle Jr., the electrical designer on the job, used GRAFIK Eye Designer software to generate the entire specification for the project. The software allows a designer to create load and equipment schedules, a bill of materials and one-line diagrams, saving valuable time.

"With a Lutron system you can use the same system for a small six-person conference room as with a multipurpose theater," said Hinkle. "To the end user, the system looks the same."

GRAFIK Eye 4000 Coordinate all of a room’s features with the GRAFIK Eye 4000 for complete control at the touch of a button.
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