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Small Offices

Flexible, lean, and competitive, successful small businesses pay close attention to every angle of their operation. Whether your company is seeking to reduce energy usage or manage the quality of light, Lutron has working solutions for all small office spaces. Lutron lighting control systems not only reduce energy costs, they improve worker efficiency and contribute to a more pleasant work environment.

The Green Movement:
Smart Business & Energy Savings

In recent years, there has been an increasing shift in public awareness towards green business practices, and few cities have embraced this shift more strongly than San Francisco. Under government restrictions, energy usage is tightly controlled, and savvy companies will seek to win public favor by going beyond the regulated requirements.

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The American Institute of Architecture (AIA) is located within San Francisco’s historic Halldie Building. When the AIA decided to upgrade its facility to meet the new environmentally sustainable, globally conscious standards of the 21st century, they chose Lutron to help usher their refurbished offices into a new era of energy efficiency and smart shading solutions.  

Using EcoSystem light control and Sivoia QED shading system, Lutron helped bring the AIA to the cutting-edge of energy efficiency. A candidate for silver-level LEED certification, the AIA’s goal was to use 15% less energy than California’s current regulations. Further, the solar fabric used in the shades also helped to reduce the sun’s heat and served as insulation throughout the winter, reducing HVAC energy costs.

Adaptable Solutions

When the furniture manufacturer Allsteel opened a new showroom in San Francisco, they needed a light control system that would work within the parameters of California’s energy regulations. They also needed an intelligent lighting system that would enhance the quality of light within their showroom and better display their products.

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Through a combination of EcoSystem, RadioTouch, LCP128 and
Sivoia QED, Allsteel was able to create the ambiance necessary for ideal presentation while also applying for Silver LEED certification. The flexibility of the systems allows businesses to easily shift the focus from one area to another based upon the daily changing needs, enabling nearly instantaneous adaptation to whatever unique situation arises.

With its flexible and intelligent systems, Lutron is ideally suited to meet your business’ unique challenges while lowering costs through intelligent, innovative light control solutions.
EcoSystem Increase flexibility, comfort and productivity, while reducing maintenance costs to save lighting energy by 40 – 70%.

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