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Conference Rooms

The lighting for a conference room must accommodate a wide range of activities through a simple, easy-to-use interface. Lutron’s light management solutions can control all aspects of a conference room’s light, from daylight to electric light, with presets that users can access by pressing a single button.

A conference room can be a space to exchange ideas, view multimedia presentations, teleconference, or a little bit of each activity in a single meeting. A room with such diverse functionality needs lighting to quickly adapt to each situation.

Lutron's controls, like the GRAFIK Eye 3000 and GRAFIK Eye 4000, specialize in storing multi-faceted presets that users can cycle through effortlessly.

The GRAFIK Eye systems can be programmed for tailor-made lighting scenarios that users can access with touch of a single button. The GRAFIK Eye series can also work with Lutron shading solutions such as Sivoia QED to manage daylight in conjunction with overhead lighting.

AMP conference room
A presenter that wants to incorporate a video into their meeting, for example, needs only to push a button labeled “A/V,” which simultaneously dims the lights, closes the shades and lowers the projection screen.


Once the video has ended the speaker can push another button marked “Meeting” to brighten the lights and raise the shades for a better scenario to field questions.

Furthermore, all of these settings can be controlled using a handheld remote, eliminating awkward trips to a wallstation in the middle of a presentation.

Light control in a conference room also offers the benefit of energy savings. By dimming lights and creating the right mix of overhead and daylight, Lutron systems can drastically reduce the energy consumption and operating costs of a conference room. The GRAFIK Eye series can additionally be paired with occupancy/vacancy sensors that can automatically turn the lights off when the conference room is not in use. As a result, the lights will never be mistakenly left on, wasting energy and money.

Light management systems from Lutron are also powerful enough to handle any size conference room from 4 to 400 people. When AMP Incorporated needed a lighting system for their executive conference center, they turned to Lutron for the diversity and capacity of our systems. We were able to outfit 12 different conference rooms of various sizes with GRAFIK Eye systems. This set-up allowed users to control various systems and their functions through a single standardized interface.
GRAFIK Eye 4000 Coordinate all of a room’s features with the GRAFIK Eye 4000 for complete control at the touch of a button.
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