Commercial Applications

Open Offices

Lighting plays a vital role in any open office; not only does light quality correlate directly to worker efficiency, it also contributes to the overall aesthetic of a building. Lutron’s open office solutions allow for flexible lighting possibilities and individual workstation controls. Whatever your business’ light-control needs are, reliable Lutron systems always tend to exceed expectations.

Front Page News

When The New York Times Company decided to build a new headquarters, they were determined to build the greenest structure possible. The company selected Lutron to help meet their high energy-saving standards. Utilizing the Quantum and EcoSystem solutions, The New York Times was able to exceed its initial savings projections, reducing lighting energy usage by 70%. The company has realized further savings through dimming, as reduction in the heat produced by lighting has also lowered HVAC costs.

digital report screen for open offices

Shifting Global Perception

TAQA, a global energy company, has also chosen Lutron to help them reduce their headquarter’s carbon footprint of their U.S. headquarters. Determined to change public perception regarding the manner in which energy companies conduct their business, the Abu Dhabi National Energy Co. – or TAQA New World Inc. – realized significant energy savings by utilizing the Lutron GRAFIK 7000 lighting control system.

Controlling Energy Flow

In other parts of the world, offices have very different needs. The Bank of China in Beijing required an automated light control system capable of withstanding power fluctuations while still maintaining a high level of dimming performance. The prestigious banking institution achieved its goal with the GRAFIK 6000 and HomeWorks Light Control Systems from Lutron.

Above the Competition

As the tallest building in the world, The Taipei Financial Center needed a light control system to meet the needs of the different businesses and services it housed, while also withstanding the region’s powerful forces of nature. For these reasons, Lutron’s GRAFIK 6000 was chosen to control lighting throughout the 101-floor tower.

Lutron is capable of meeting and exceeding the expectations of even its most high-profile clients. Whether your business is looking to reduce energy costs, increase productivity, or improve safety and security, Lutron light control systems are up to the task.

open office light control wallstation