Commercial Applications

Case study: WB Moore Company, Charlotte

The WB Moore Company is an electrical contracting and engineering company serving the Carolinas. Its new headquarters is a two-story, 15,375 square foot facility that earned a LEED Platinum rating for new construction. A beautifully lit atrium welcomes visitors to the facility. The building also features eight work areas arranged into pods, common breakroom and cafeteria areas, and several meeting rooms.

WB Moore Co. relies on a Lutron Quantum system to help fulfill its innovative business goals
Billy Graves, WB Moore’s President, explains that one of the primary goals for the new headquarters is to provide excellent quality of light, creating a work environment for employees that improves productivity and reduces energy costs. Another equally important goal is to create a space that can be used to demonstrate these sustainable practices to clients, and help them understand how to achieve efficiencies in their own buildings.

Lutron Quantum system, Hyperion solar-adaptive shading, and plug-in appliance control

A Lutron Quantum Total Light Management system with Green Glance technology allows WB Moore to control and monitor lighting and shades in each work area to reduce energy costs and enhance comfort.

Common Café Area

The system accepts inputs from a variety of sensors, and even the building security system, allowing the lighting and shades throughout the building to respond to available daylight and enhance the work environment. Integrated task lighting is tied into the Quantum system, enabling employees to control workstation lighting while ensuring that task lighting is turned off when they leave for the day.
Conference Room Featuring Ivalo L’Ale Pendant Fixtures

Automatic light control provides peace of mind to employees, and helps to eliminate wasted energy caused by lights being left on all night. “Our people don’t need to turn the lights on and they don’t have to be concerned about turning them off. That makes people happier and improves productivity,” explains Billy Graves.

90% of the fixtures in the building have ballasts programmed to automatically respond to daylight sensors. “We get sun on all sides of our building and the sensors enable fixtures to adjust the light levels accordingly,” Graves says. Additionally, Hyperion shades automatically adjust to the position of the sun to minimize glare and prevent heat gain. WB Moore is working to gather a full year of energy-saving data, but the company already sees significant savings in power that can be sold back to the utilities.