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As awareness shifts towards the increasing benefits of energy efficiency, many businesses are exploring new methods of conservation. Lutron’s intelligent and highly flexible light control systems are easily integrated and capable of generating substantial savings while contributing towards productivity and the overall aesthetic of your building.

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Small Offices

Small businesses and offices often have unique lighting requirements and a need to keep operating costs low. Whether your company is seeking to reduce energy usage, manage the quality of light, or meet LEED certification, Lutron can tailor a solution to the particular needs of your space. In addition to reducing energy costs, Lutron light control systems also improve employee efficiency and contribute to a more pleasant work environment.

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Small Office Light Control

Open Offices

Open offices present a unique set of lighting challenges due to the sheer number of people sharing a large space and the need for flexibility. Lutron light control systems illuminate these spaces beautifully, contributing to the overall aesthetic of the building. They also help to reduce energy usage, increase worker productivity, allow for individual workstation controls, and help lower operating costs. Whatever your business’ light control needs are, reliable Lutron systems always tend to exceed expectations.

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Open Office Light Control

Conference Rooms

Conference room lighting needs to be flexible to accommodate activities ranging from audio/visual presentations and videoconferencing to brainstorming sessions. A room with such diverse functionality needs lighting to quickly adapt to each situation through a simple, easy-to-use interface. Lutron’s light management solutions can control all aspects of a conference room’s light, from daylight to electric light, with presets that users can access by pressing a single button.

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conference room light control


You can save energy in a restroom by automatically turning off lights when the room is unoccupied. Lutron has cost-effective light control solutions that enable code compliance and meet energy-saving goals for a building.

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Stairwells & Corridors

Stairwells and corridors are sometimes left unoccupied for hours at a time, but need to be well-lit when someone enters the space. The Lutron PowPak stairwell fixture keeps the lights on at a dim level to meet local codes, and brightens the lights when the stairwell is occupied, providing a safe path of light. Using these strategies, the fixture can save over 80% of lighting energy usage and meet building codes and standards.

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