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From a single classroom to a sprawling campus composed of many buildings, Lutron offers light control solutions that can optimize the learning environment and reduce lighting energy consumption up to 60% or more.

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K–12 Classrooms

Lighting has been shown to significantly improve a child’s performance in the classroom, and installations by Lutron are currently paying dividends in schools across the country. Lighting also typically accounts for more than half of a school’s electricity usage, making light control a growing necessity to keep costs in check.

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K12 Light Control

Colleges Lecture Halls

On today’s college campuses, video and computer displays are a common part of classroom learning. As the technology of education evolves, new light control solutions are required to accommodate them. Lutron offers systems that let an instructor transition between a lecture and a video presentation with the touch of a single button.

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College University Light Control


With multiple sections requiring different lighting levels and a frequent need to accommodate existing skylights, Lutron light control systems provide the control and automation to illuminate specific areas in a library while substantially reducing energy levels, operating costs, and creating a more welcoming environment.

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Gymnasiums take up a large footprint on a campus or district. They typically serve as multi-purpose spaces to accommodate a variety of uses such as sporting events, exercise classes, intramural sports, commencement ceremonies, concerts, and other special events. Lutron lighting control plays a critical role in enabling flexibility of the space and ensuring maximum asset utilization.

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Stairwells & Corridors

Stairwells and corridors are sometimes left unoccupied for hours at a time, but need to be well-lit when someone enters the space. The Lutron PowPak stairwell fixture keeps the lights on at a dim level to meet local codes, and brightens the lights when the stairwell is occupied, providing a safe path of light. Using these strategies, the fixture can save over 80% of lighting energy usage and meet building codes and standards.

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Administrative Offices

Modern office spaces must be designed to increase both energy efficiency and employee productivity. Lutron offers systems that automatically and comfortably adjust lighting and shading to efficiently balance electric light and available daylight. These systems also provide personal control, allowing individuals to set lighting for any work-related activity. Occupancy and vacancy sensors can also be integrated to turn lights off when a space is unoccupied.

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